Shottie Goat Farm

Floridian emcee Shottie teams up with TeV95 to drop ‘Goat Farm‘, a boisterous and entertaining album that grabs your attention with the smooth flows over banging beats, and won’t relinquish your listening gear until they’re done. Far from new on the scene, this tandem have been creating dope hip hop for more than a minute, and ‘Goat Farm‘ might just be the album that continues that rise into the playlists of more and more hip hop heads. And it should be, because the album is a well crafted and solidly delivered offering that holds a lot of replay value.

The album gets things started with ‘Welcome to the GOAT FARM‘ which is a really triumphant introduction to the album, setting the scene for the smooth rhymes and dope beats that are about to hit your headphones. Next up we get ‘Keep It Pushin‘ which uses a melodic, hypnotising soundscape as the canvas for the verbal paintings Shottie spits so effortlessly, before ‘Terp Talk‘ ups the energy as this anthem featuring underground lyrical sniper Grafh slaps you upside the head and that hook is captivating and very Miami / Scarface.

My Plug‘ continues the smooth ride and coke bars and Shottie rides the TeV95 production so effortlessly that you sink back into your seat and just vibe out with this street symphony and that continues with the soulful nature of ‘Smoke Shop Jesus‘ which blends beautiful horns and vocals with understated bravado and braggadocious bars. It gets a little more nefarious with ‘Taco Tuesday‘ as the grittiness rides shotgun on this concrete curdling number, with Shottie’s flow cutting through the menacing soundscape, then ‘Brick & Mortar‘ takes you into the darkened corners of the street game through what feels like a smoke-filled, soulful, lounge joint.

The flow continues to shine through on ‘All Sales Final‘ as Shottie spits with a slightly more uptempo flow and effortlessness, but making sure you catch each and every word because you just KNOW that he means every damn bar he spits. ‘Squib Games‘ features Dashius Clay and Mandella Eskia and has a real wild, wild, west vibe, like a gunslingers theme song and it’s delivered so brilliantly, you never want the track to end as this trio of emcees have real chemistry on teh mic and bring their own personality to the track. The final song ‘Sincerely Yours (GOAT)‘ rounds out this album really well, ensuring that the listener captures the take home message – which is Shottie is the real deal and TeV95 has got the boards on lock.

Bangers: Squib Games, Terp Talk, Brick & Mortar, Taco Tuesday.

Score: 8.5 / 10. This was a really engaging listen and brought a number of different elements to the table. Shottie and TeV95 are the total package, being able to craft music that catches your ear, but keeps you entertained through clever bars, intricate instruments and well placed and well thought out features. Being able to blend the coke rap a really smooth flow, while also delivering dope and witty wordplay makes this an album that is going to have some longevity – just wish this installment was longer!

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By Brutus Maximus

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