Seven Da Pantha

The last time we caught bars from Seven Da Pantha, it was working alongside ethemadassassin on that dope AF ‘Carter N Newton‘ album, but this time the spotlight and mic is all his and he continues to bless hip hop heads with quality bars, street tales and witty wordplay. ‘Shooting Starz 2: Da Eye Of Da Storm‘ sees Seven Da Pantha back at his brutal bar beasting best over a varied line of production. His content ranges from braggadocios bars, and witty wordplay, to introspective street tales, razor sharp lyricism – all while being delivered with that rugged, gruff flow that commands listeners.

Black-Out (Da Intro)‘ is reminiscent of 2Pac’s ‘How Do You Want It?” but this is far from a sexy love song, as SDP tackles the mic and deep subject matter with poise. ‘Laced Up‘ is home to a more ethereal, haunting vibe that floats along while Sev drops some double time bars to get the head nodding. It gets a little more soulful and stripped back with ‘Level Up‘ which has a cruisey / airy feel but the bars are edgy!

Seven flows heavy on ‘Demonz 2‘ which sings with some nice crash cymbals and even hints at a bit of G Funk meets Boom Bap vibe. ‘Window Pain‘ has a killer hook and is a deep an immersive track as Seven paints pictures with his lyrics and Britney Nicole ensures the emotion is not lost as she crushes her vocals. A change of pace with ‘Barspitzvah‘, a posse cut that is just a group of hungry emcees attacking a street anthem. This one got a few replays straight up to catch all the bars being delivered with heat!

Frienemiez‘ is reminiscent of your favourite Scarface records as the beat delivers that southern feel, and Seven Da Pantha takes his turn at delivering street tales over dope production. Another banger with upbeat vibes hits the headphones with ‘Get It, Get It‘ featuring Imagery, while the album concludes with ‘Piecez Of A Dream‘ which has serious funk / soul infusion over the percussion and makes this a joint you just let ride!

Bangers: Black-Out, Barspitzvah, Frenemiez, Level Up.

Score: 8 / 10. More high quality hip hop from Seven Da Pantha and it’s clear he has a focused energy for his music and wants to tell stories and really use the music to deliver something meaningful. The content is varied but is all authentic and the production floats us all across the country with East meets West meets South vibes throughout the joint. Well worth spending your time to bump this and appreciate the quality of the craft.

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By Brutus Maximus

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