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The ‘Ruler ZigZagZig Allah’ is back and this time he teams up with ‘DJ Scratch’. It’s been a long time since we had a project from ‘RZA’ and he hasn’t put out much music due to going Hollywood (or at least trying) and the fact this project is so short is kind of a disappointment straight of the bat. Does the content do it’s short comings any justice? we are about to find out. The answer is… Yes and No. It’s a good project by any means and the theme runs well with the title as it feels like a theater feature just not a full movie, more of a 30 minute episode with a cliff hanger that leaves you wanting more and wishing there was more as it really picks up at the end due to the last 2 tracks being fire.

First the production whilst it is well put together and structured with some nice samples and drums, it could of had a bit more grit and dust to really give it that old matinee feel. It does have a dusty feel but a little more would of really added to the thought of ‘RZA’ and his clansmen going to the Kung Fu Theater all those years ago, where he got his inspiration for the kung fun flick skits and the whole ‘Enter The Wu-Tang’ idea! Maybe added some tape saturation and glue with some tape delay and a little wow and flutter here and there to really give it a vintage feel.

The first track is a slow start and Pugilism is an ok track. Piano is a bit to simple a repetitive for my liking but again, RZA does spit bars on this, even though his flow is a little sloppy. RZA has always had a unique style and flow just not as fierce and energetic as his Bobby Digital days. ‘Never Love Again’ ‘RZA’ finds his footing and this is the kinda ish i was waiting for! ‘RZA’s flow really takes off on this track. ‘Fisherman’ is my Favourite track alongside ‘Kaiju’. It has a Great little story to it and as just mentioned the Last track ‘Kaiju’ just leaves you wanting more as it just started to pick up as it ends. We need More BOBBY!

Bangers: Never Love Again, Fisherman, Kaiju

Score: 7/10 With good production and RZA finding his footing, it has some shining moments but being way to short for some one who has been in the game as long as RZA has but his first solo release in way over a decade it just doesn’t have enough meat on the bone..

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