Gold Pyramids

Royal Council are a top tier hip hop trio consisting of Supreme Cerebral, O the Great and Alpha_Betic and ‘Gold Pyramids‘ is the first offering from the supergroup. There is a clear chemistry between the three artists, which is to be expected when you have been friends and sword sharpeners for each other over numerous years. This joint is pure hip hop. When Supreme Cerebral is involved, there is going to be an insane level of lyricism, and being produced completely by Alpha-Betic, the score is epic, designed to shine on a production tip, but also provide a solid foundation for some ill rhymes.

The album is carefull curated, it includes ZERO features, which allows a flawless chemistry to seep through the speakers. This is more than just an album, this a project of passion, designed to stand atop the throne of hip hop releases in 2024 and beyond. The album builds from start to finish as well, allowing the listener to press play and gradually get further immersed in the audio excellence – not to mention that superior lyricism that is found in spades throughout the course of the 11 tracks.

Pharaoh Headz‘ is a head nodder with some intricacies in the production that make this track pop. Each emcee takes their turn in the limelight, with Supreme Cerebral bringing the joint home with high quality vernacular. The keys on ‘The Book Of The Dead‘ are delicate and eerie, and the bars being delivered are more measured and purposefully delivered as opposed to just slicing heads off, and that hook is catchy. ‘Stuck On Midas‘ has that dustier, boom bap vibe as an undertone, but there is a crispness and ‘pop’ to the track which is perfectly embedded between bars, before ‘Gold Rush‘ is a more melodic track, well measured and produced and allows the listener to really hone into the narratives being dropped from the trio.

If you don’t nod your head to ‘Pot Of Gold‘ then I don’t know what you’re doing, because this track slaps. The keys dance, the drums are punchy and there are layers that just make this one meaty! The hook serves as an edutaining narrative, while the verses are venomous and delivered with samurai-style precision. ‘Temple Of The Sun‘ has a real middle-eastern vibe permeating under the belly of the beat, and O the Great really stamps himself on this track in the midst of all the quality lyricism and narratives, but then ‘Gold Standard‘ allows Alpha-Betic to shine with a gruff, gold-laced verse. This joint has those Wu vibes, and Supreme Cerebral, O and Alph deliver the same chemistry and quality those Killa Bees do. IT’s one of the peak moments on a great album.

It’s a more gritty, slumped in the front seat kind of ride on ‘Medici Banks‘, capturing something similar to those 90’s Mobb Deep vibes, but with an extra dose of intellectual lyricism and messaging. This joint bangs and got more than one or two repeats before moving on to ‘Golden Barrio‘ which almost has that daytime TV drama soundtrack initially, before the bars get dropped and provide a completely different level of entertainment. Metaphors aplenty and menacing score – sign us up for more of this heat! ‘El Dorado Aztec’ is a more triumphant tune, the layers within the track deliver a full-sounding soundtrack, then the Royal Council do what they’re best at – spit fire bars with passion and precision.

Gold Pyramids‘ closes out with ‘24K‘ and Supreme kicks this track off with his trademark ferocity and superior lyricism, but it’s far from a one man show. This album has been one hell of a listen with each emcee taking their moments, but Supreme Cerebral probably carrying the load in some parts. Not a knock on O and Al, but Supreme Cerebral is just that dude. Overall, this project is fantastic, musically engaging and with enough variety to hold the listeners attention. There is some premium lyricism and bars that fill your mental, which is where a lot of music misses the mark these days. Get it into your rotation and sit with it – you’ll be glad you did.

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