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This album sprung out of nowhere and it is one hell of a surprise from Rome Streetz and Big Ghost Ltd as they team up and slap listeners upside the dome with ‘Wasn’t Built In A Day‘. We have been teased with these two joining forces before, but never have we received a bulk collection of dope bars and beats such as this. Big Ghost Ltd continues to be one of the illest boardsmen in the game, crafting some brilliant audio firepower on this 11 track project, and you know where there are dope beats, you’ll find Rome Streetz spitting hellfire bars – and ‘Wasn’t Built In A Day‘ is exactly that.

On the back of a couple of really dope collaborations with Mickey Diamond, Big Ghost brings the heat again, albeit with a slightly different vibe and angle, and I feel we can hear the fingerprints of Swab not just on the wheels, but all over the audio canvas of this project. There are just some nuances that make it a more versatile approach to the coke-rap soundtracks that normally stalk our speakers, and although it’s a shorter project, it doesn’t lack for substance. Of course the features from Method Man, Conway the Machine, Plex Diamonds and Chyna Street don’t hurt in giving it a little extra street cred too.

The album starts with ‘Godspeed‘ and it sets an eerie tone with its piano key driven production allowing Rome to deliver some of the street poetry around his rise and grind to becoming a winner, then ‘Suicide‘ is a more dramatic number, still utilising that piano but with a less menacing undertone as Rome and Conway come at this track from different angles but both enqually engage and deliver. ‘8Balls‘ is just grimey, there is no other way to describe the filthy bars Rome is dropping on this track, and the production is a smooth head nodder with cuts on point.

The vibes on ‘Gem Drop‘ are insane, utilising such an iconic track as Mobb Deep’s ‘Drop A Gem On Em’ BANGER takes big, brass balls, but Big Ghost and Rome are used to carrying that weight of expectation and they deliver it beautifully, snares and kicks slapping the speakers and Streetz letting everyone know that he’s the illest emcee in the game. Method Man brings his quirky craft to ‘Pz N Qz‘ which is more of a traditional boom bap number with is dusty drums and delicate keys, but Rome and Meth ensure that nothing is left standing once the track reaches its peak.

Royal Flush‘ uses a harp to bring some polish to the filthy production Ghost conjures up for this track, and Rome is right in his bag here, slaying the mic with his braggadocious bars and enigmatic flow, then it’s more billionaire boys club themed bars with ‘Lobsters in Shoreditch‘ over melodic, funk-infused audio delicacy. The vibe on ‘Dope Stampz‘ changes as this feels much more momentous and significant due to the heightened, dramatic production and Rome isn’t delivering in his usual super slick, carefree style – he wants the listener to feel this one.

Rome Streetz is back to his fearless flow on ‘Majisty‘ which evokes that gunslinger, wild west vibe with its score and it’s a really funky number and the message is clear – don’t come at the King. ‘Antidote‘ is nefarious in its soundtrack, and both Rome and Plex showcase that raw, lyrical ability that hip hop heads fiend for, and finally ‘U Mad Huh?‘ closes out the album gets back in that boom bap bag, with Chyna Streetz starting this banger off with a really strong performance on the mic, before Rome rounds things out for good measure.

Bangers: Gem Drop, Suicide, Dope Stampz, Pz N Qz, Antidote.

Score: 9 / 10. This is yet another big time victory for Rome Streetz and for hip hop fans around the world. Rome really is one of the illest emcees in the game right now, and this album, while a little shorter than his Griselda debut and perhaps lacking some of the existential highs, still delivers on all accounts. Big Ghost Ltd alogn with Swab really provide some fantastic production and the features come in and do their job – complement Rome’s vicious pen. Get this one into rotation, and it’s likely to stay there for quite some time.

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