The most recent release in the Noise Kandy series is also the best yet, and that’s exactly the way it should be as Rome Streetz continues to develop as an artist and keeps bringing the heat every time he drops an album or features on someone else’s.

It’s been out for a week or so now, and after multiple listens we’re now ready to give you our review of Noise Kandy 4 and as you may suggest, this is Rome’s best work to date. The previous installments were also damn good, but Noise Kandy 3 was the pick of them and generated a larger following for Rome Streetz and showcased just how good he is at his craft. Noise Kandy 4 builds from that, and with some of the best production, this is quite a soundtrack for Rome to spit sick bars over the top.

So staying on the production notes, this is a delightful blend of hard hitting boom bap (Prophet & a Pusher), jazz infused fire (Mommy’s Seed), and haunting / suspenseful DJ Skizz goodness (Toxic). The high quality and varied production also allows Rome to match his underrated lyrical ability to really make tracks that tell stories. ‘Relapse‘, ‘Normal Shit‘ and ‘The Ugliest‘ have a real street soldier vibe to them, ‘Favorite‘ with Bub Rock rocks it for the females and ‘Higher Self‘ with Estee Nack and ‘My Destiny‘ take it to that next level of elevation and introspection.

To summarise, this is a really well polished album from Rome Streetz. It bangs on so many levels, which gives it plenty of value on the repeated replay. There’s a track for every occasion and all of them feel so natural and well delivered – it’s like Rome is always in his pocket, even with the diverse nature of the content. Noise Kandy 4 is a mature offering, well thought out and perfectly delivered. The album builds well and the bookend tracks kick it off and finish it nicely.

Bangers: Relapse, Higher Self, The Ugliest, NY Fitted.

Score: 9 / 10. As the review states, there is everything to love about this album and not much to fault. It’s a great release and something all hip hop heads should take the time to play multiple times and digest the top tier emceeing from one of the best underground spitters in the game.

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