Rigz x DJ Muggs - Gold

Rigz has been making major waves over the past twelve months with a couple of fantastic releases – Substance Abuse‘ with Futurewave (which took home the Raw Side Hip Hop Album Art of the Year award in 2021) and Wake Ups – both releases were fantastic examples of quality boom bap and lyrical hip hop. Now, Rigz drops another album, this time a collaborative project with DJ Muggs who has been a staple in the hip hop scene for over three decades and is STILL finding a way to turn out dope production (even if I don’t personally dig his minimalist stuff).

The backstory is this – Rigz has been around for more than a minute as a member of Da Cloth, and while he generated some steady buzz through his mixtapes and earlier EP, his full length debut ‘Substance Abuse‘ is what really propelled him into more than ‘just’ an underground artist. Wake Ups certainly built upon that offering and now, with Muggs in his corner and features from fellow Cloth members Mooch, M.A.V and Rob Gates, as well as Rome Streetz, Meyhem Lauren and Big Twins – Rigz is coming for throats.

A short synopsis of the album is this: it’s loosely based around the ‘gold’ theme and its place within the monetary / financial system throughout history. It’s dusty, boom bap, drug rap at its core, but is also home to some stellar lyricism and wordplay from both Rigz and those who he chooses to share the mic with! However a more robust review of the album, uncovers that this is more than just ‘another’ coke rap album.

A lot has already been said about the production from Muggs, and where his efforts like ‘Winter 2‘ don’t have a lot of replay value, his ability to mix it up and create some engaging production on ‘Gold‘ means you aren’t bored or only there for the bars. Highlights include the killer use of the soul sampling ‘Where Ya Soul At‘, the piano / keys on ‘Heads on the Wall‘, the guitars on ‘Eastside Blues‘ or those iconic, gritty drums on ‘Gold‘, ‘Every Season‘ and ‘Supreme‘.

Lyrically, the biggest plaudit we can probably give Rigz is that he goes toe to toe with Rome Streetz who is one of the illest spitters in the game right now, and easily holds his own. That ‘Heads on the Wall‘ track is killer (albeit short) and it could have been 5+ minutes of bars with the way these cats went at it. Rigz is authentic and whether that is expressing some introspective thoughts as he does on ‘Every Season‘ or delivering vivid street tales like he does on ‘What We Got‘, ‘Crack the Code‘ or ‘Never Met a Real Gangsta‘ he commands your attention and has you hitting rewind trying to catch just what transpired.

Bangers: Head on the Wall, Gold, Every Season, What We Got, Fool’s Gold

Score: 9.5 / 10. The balance of beats and bars as well as the chemistry between Rigz, Muggs and all the featured artists makes this a really top tier album and one of the best of 2022 thus far. Muggs steps in up with great variety and substance in his board work, and Rigz is fast becoming a must-listen due to his lyrical prowess. This is more than just a coke rap album, this is a high quality hip hop record with huge replay value. Don’t miss it.

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