Revalation RevILLutionAries

‘RevILLutionAries’ is the collaborative effort from Revalation and GoD iLLa and it’s some damn good quality hip hop. You may have already caught the singles and visuals that have dropped already, but the main course is a perfect summation of those individual parts. ‘Wu Wednesday‘ paid homage to a golden era of hip hop and one of the more iconic groups and movements of all time, ‘Dreamchaser‘ was an upbeat, positively framed anthem exploring a totally different side of hip hop, while the latest track ‘I Been‘ is big, boastful, fun boom bap hip hop. (With a dope vid – check it below).

If variety is the spice of life, then ‘RevILLutionAries‘ is a herb garden. Packed into this complete package are a diverse set of tracks that create a hip hop album for the mind, body and soul. It’s an album that you don’t need to be in a certain mood to really vibe to it – just pop it on and sink into it. The production is first class, with that authenticity of sound we expect from the Boston region these days. Revalation is on his game in the booth too, as he continues to excel his writing skills and presence behind the mic.

The depth and scope of content is also welcomed as this album tackles a host of different themes and presents a varied perspective on life, the game, hip hop and more. All of these concepts are explored over menacing boom bap beats that you can slap a steering wheel too. You won’t find that minimalist stuff on this joint. Featuring other talented emcees Mayhem (of EMS) and fellow Bostonian M-Dot are hand picked and well placed throughout the joint – but it’s refreshing for the most part to hear Rev just holding it down.

Another positive for me is the composition of the album. 12 tracks and over 34 minutes of music is really getting back closer to that sweet spot for an older head like me. When all tracks are quality and they have eclectic feels, it’s really pleasing to get a solid album full of content. If you like dope hip hop, well crafted and passionately created music, then give this joint a spin.

Bangers: Wu Wednesday, I Been, A Game, Dope City

Score: 8.5 / 10. Top notch album. High quality lyrics over that original, speaker thumping boom bap production. This kind of joint is right up my alley and therefore it gets a really solid score. Even after multiple spins, it still sounds as fresh and as invigorating as when I first played it which means it’s going to stay in rotation for more than a minute.

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By Brutus Maximus

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