Ren Thomas brings his energetic flow to the Brutal Caesar produced ‘Weston’ with epic results. This project is personal, and it sees Ren returning to the mic after a host of personal challenges, but it also sees him return as a mature emcee, with the ability to not just ‘rap your face off’ but to really deliver some passionate and introspective narratives in between. The album title, the sonogram cover, the nine tracks (signifying nine months of pregnancy), the executive producer – this isn’t ‘just another album’ for Ren Thomas – and it sounds like it.

Brutal Caesar handles the entire production for this one, and he is blessing Thomas with some brilliant beats. Based in the boom bap soundscape, but branching out and delivering varied and vibe-inducing instrumentals, Caes does his thing creating the audio canvas for Thomas to paint his verbal pictures. The two work really well together and the chemistry can be felt from start to finish. Let’s breakdown our thoughts on this latest project….

Designer For What‘ is a great way to introduce Ren back into your headphones, with an impassioned flow talking about ‘passion over fashion’ over a well put together beat from Brutal. ‘Bloodletting‘ ups the ante a little as this Caesar beat has more energy and Ren just gets into the zone and spits, honestly and openly and delivers a catchy hook in the process. ‘Make It Fast‘ is an emphatic, up-beat and fun jam that showcases exuberant wordplay and spirited delivery, before ‘Heath Ledger‘ slows the tempo, draws the shades on the mood but Ren still explosively attacks the Brutal Caesar track with fabulous results.

The story-telling / song writing on ‘Another Day In Amerikka‘ is such high quality, even if the narrative being protrayed is anything but. The track interweaves stories and social justice issues for an incredibly powerful and poignant song that sticks to the ribs…. ‘Weston‘ is a song about (and to) his unborn son and is delivered with authenticity over a joyous, triumphant track before it’s back to bar-work on ‘Cancel Myself‘ as Ren just rides a super smooth and funky number from Caes with tongue-in-cheek, maniacal lyricism.

We’ve already covered ‘Roaches in the Ashtray‘ when it dropped a few weeks back, but it bears repeating that this is a hardbody track that slaps, before the jazzy ‘I Used Too‘ closes out the album with a key-laced, lounge-infused track full of introspective, on-the-come-up bars of maturation and growth which book ends the album nicely (shoutout to Ruth for putting the full stop on this too!).

Bangers: Make It Fast, Heath Ledger, Another Day In Amerikka, I Used Too.

Score: 9 / 10. A really dope project with a host of levels not just to the album itself, but to the production and bars. Brutal Caesar provides an epic soundscape, just high quality boom bap tracks that dance and speak themselves, before Ren show just how unique, versatile and deadly his pen is. This is one hell of a whirlwind, but it’s one we’ll ride again and again. Which is also in the ‘theme’ of having children!!!

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