Pro Dillinger - God Is Love

Pro Dillinger has just dropped another project to bless the headphones of hip hop heads worldwide with ‘God Is Love‘. The album is completely produced by The Potato God and features some killer emcees such as Ty Farris, UFO Fev, Mickey Diamondz and more and takes a somewhat different approach and undertone to some of his previous work. But make no mistake, this might be his best and most mature work yet, so let’s break it down and talk about it.

The album starts with ‘Divinity‘ which features some really ethereal vocals throughout the track, underpinning the lyrical heavy lifting that Dillinger does when discussing his relationship with God. It’s more traditional sounding boom bap before the beat switches up for the hook on ‘Free Lunch‘ featuring Stix Dippa, and Dillinger rides the beat effortlessly, bringing more hardbody bars and street tales on this track. ‘Swear To God‘ is sonically interesting, with some middle-eastern influence, and electronic effect before transitioning into something that sounds incredibly similar to Spit Gemz ‘Industrial Revelation’ from the Home School album earlier this year…. Dillinger still goes IN on this track, but you have to if you’re going to be compared to the legendary Gemz.

UFO Fev features on ‘Aver Maria‘ which is a soulful, sax-infused joint that sees Dillinger and Fev spitting purposeful bars with poise and the balance of sound / flow between these two is on point. ‘San Juco Interlude‘ features Lord Juco discussing finances and the Father over a harmonious and positively haunting track, before it’s back to the boom bap, drums and dope bars from Pro Dillinger on ‘Good Book‘ which has a very triumphant and motivating feel and a different take on the ‘mo money’ vibe. ‘Aye Dios’ kicks things off with a church-style harmony, before Dillinger uses his bars to have somewhat of a discussion with God, and Ahkwitdaglock takes over the second half of the track with his smooth tales of desperation and pain.

False Profits‘ has a really funky, guitar-laden track infused over the laid back drums and Mickey Diamond brings his baritone flow to really punch home his message and PD keeps it grimey while keeping it real. Ty Farris jumps on the 70’s, blaxploitation-inspired ‘Aqua Sana‘ with very positive results, his flow adding that smoothness which works exceptionally well alongside the gruff Dillinger dialogue and then the album closes out with ‘The Pulpit‘ where Dillinger shows love and drops street prayers over church organs and haunting vocal samples.

Bangers: Aqua Sana, Free Lunch, Good Book, Aver Maria.

Score: 9 / 10. This album is a really different vibe to some of the previous work we have been blessed with from Pro Dillinger, but the more polished sounding production, really offsets his rugged delivery and really poignant street poetry. There is a clear progression from Dillinger as an emcee and he’s really crafting songs that hit really deeply, not just putting together bars that make your head spin. Invest your time in this joint, it’s worth multiple spins.

If you want to peep the magic NOW, then show you support by copping the album HERE otherwise you’re going to have to wait until it hits YouTube and streaming!

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