Poe Mack Mountain God 2

You may have already had this on the radar when we covered the ‘Dues and Don’ts‘ single a few weeks back, but now the album has dropped and you can get the full Poe Mack x Van Gunz experience with ‘Mountain God 2‘. This album pairs two talented and underrated artists together and Van Gunz certainly delivers from a production standpoint, blessing each track with quality drums, strings and keys and from there it’s Poe Mack who commands the mic and drops knowledge with an enigmatic flow. And, the sniper on the scratches – Tone Spliff – features heavily throughout, which is a plus on ANY hip hop album.

Snokap GOAT‘ sets things off with a bang, as Poe Mack rips apart a really a heavy track with crisp cymbals and tight synths. ‘Dues and Don’ts‘ is next and although we’ve already covered it, it bears repeating – the joint is flames, while ‘My Tenure‘ takes a more deliberate approach with a funky, 70’s themed Blaxploitation-esque score for Poe to bring the noise. ‘State Lines‘ is a neck snapper, with Poe sharing the mic with Mundae Boones and each emcees delivers a hardbody performance which feels at times like M.O.P-lite.

A change of pace comes in the form of ‘The Waitlist‘ which is an upbeat joint with a wicked, funky bassline reverberating throughout. Poe Mack sounds at home over this kind of beat too, his deep delivery never wavering through his humble brag. ‘Over The River‘ is a winners anthem that features some victorious horns, while Poe tells the listener how it is while ‘Garvin Stomp Rmx‘ featuring ethemadasassin is every bit as hard and rugged as Ronnie Garvin himself. To conclude Mountain God 2, Poe Mack delivers some introspective street poetry on ‘The Getback‘ with a punchy, staccato hook that gets stuck in the head.

Bangers: Dues and Don’ts, Snokap GOAT, The Waitlist, Garvin Stomp Rmx.

Score: 8.5 / 10. This album has all the components of a really dope hip hop release. The production is on point with a variety of sounds and samples to keep the heads happy, and enough drums & boom bap to get that head nodding. Poe Mack has a sick flow with his deep voice and ability to really connect his lyrical content with the track and the listener, and nothing is mailed in. There is good replay value too, but would have loved 3-4 more tracks!

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