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Poe Mack drops ‘Mack Julien‘ and this album is pretty damn crazy. We’ve been fans of the Mack Daddy for more than a minute, especially his work with the Mountain God series, and various other gems he’s been involved with, but this albums really cements Poe Mack as a must listen. Seriously, stop reading, go and follow him on Spotify, Bandcamp and wherever else, then get back here and read through our review / preview of the new project…. You back? Good. Let’s get it.

I mentioned to Poe himself that this album was a really big stride in a new direction. Not just musically, but I feel this album is going to really endear him to a LOT of hip hop fans worldwide. From the jump, ‘Mack Julien‘ has a vibe – it’s hard to put your finger on exactly what it is, but you just know Poe’s got it like that. It’s a blend of the South meeting New York, that blend of bounce and boom bap – and Poe spits quality vernacular in a style somewhat reminiscent of Scarface. And that’s a huge wrap, because Face is one of the illest to ever spit bars! But, it’s more than just the dulcid, rugged flow, it’s how he raps so effortlessly yet manages to say a whole hell of a lot in his bars. It’s pimpin meets preaching meets poetic prose.

After the first run through, you already know this project is good. It is cohesive, the features are minimal – enlisting only Minnix, Nytelife, Sandman and Cesar Comanche to share the mic with him, which really ensures you are getting a Poe Mack record. The features definitely add to the overall product though and breathe a different life into each track with their bars – and these have clearly been handcrafted because there is a chemistry and synergy between the verses. The next point to note, is the production which as I menthoend before, really weaves its way through a variety of influences and explores a number of pockets within the hip hop / boom bap genre. Poe himself handles his business on a handful of joints, but we also get scores from Oh Ricky, D.R.U.G.S. Beats, Van Gunz (think Mountain God series and Gunz Control!), Linz Prag, Ten B4ndz and Sandman (who also spits fire on ‘The World Will Know’). And as if that isn’t enough – you have the wheel scratching wizardry from DJ extraordinaire Tone Spliff.

This album is musically meaty. It’s not something you skim through, nod your head and think ‘oh yeah, that’s solid’. This sticks to the ribs, gives you plenty to devour and has you coming back for seconds and thirds. Poe has put his heart and soul into the project, and it permeates through the speakers. Poe himself said “This album has been my chance to get back to what I love after a couple of years of health issues while purchasing and running a full time studio. I’m thankful for my brothers Van Gunz, Dee-Up and my supportive family“. And hip hop heads should be thankful that we get to appreciate art in the form of Poe Mack’s ‘Mack Julien’.

Check this joint out at poemack.com when it drops on February 20.

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