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REVIEW | Oblivious – Digital Dystopia


Last week we put you onto the single ‘Let It Bang‘ from Oblivious but now we are back to shine some light on ‘Digital Dystopia‘ the full project from the Massachusetts emcee in collaboration with the Knuckle Dragguz camp who have their fingerprints all over this one! Produced by Knuckle Dragguz (P-Ro, Tali Rodriguez, Mathias, Crack Sizzlack, UglyJon, CLOAQxDAGGER and Unstable Components) and featuring G Fam Black, Tali Rodriguez, P-Ro, Moroney and Judge the Disciple on the mic, this album is one heck of a hip hop project. It’s audio art and should be treated as such when you sit down, press play and let it infiltrate your speakers or headphones.

It starts simply enough with the ‘Intro‘, a moody, melodic number before really taking control of your attention with ‘Let It Bang‘ which we know from our previous review of the single, is a high energy, in your face banger that gets you amped! From here, ‘Operation Sonic Weaponry‘ takes a sci-fi, funky angle to really bring a different vibe to the track and Oblivious spits all over the track with his matter of fact style delivery before things get REALLY serious when G Fam Black, Tali Rodriguez and P-Ro enter the fray on ‘4 of a Kind‘. This track starts ominously with the production seeping through the speakers like audio crack, but when each emcee steps to the mic and delivers hardbody verbals with their own individual style – it’s a wrap. This joint slaps from start to finish and commands respect.

The Crack Sizzlack produced ‘Laundry Money‘ has a funky undertone that murmurs away under the impassioned flow Oblivious spits as he speaks on his fire and determination to grind for the success he deserves. ‘Crowned Pawns‘ is a little more stripped back, allowing the drums to pop and they fill the gaps between the staccato-style flow Oblivious brings. The chorus is catchy with bluesy keys capturing your attention before ‘Bliv is back spitting his social commentary. The mood switches to a little more melancholic on ‘Anomalous‘ featuring Moroney and produced by Unstable Components. The two emcees deliver differently but work cohesively to drop a track that entertains and engages on a multitude of levels.

Grand Omen‘ uses a menacing guitar riff to serve as the score for Oblivious to really attack the UglyJon track before ‘The Useless Class‘ takes a more demure yet serious approach to spitting more street poetry and realness that many won’t address. The Mathias produced ‘Newsflash‘ has an upbeat vibe and the production uses the traditional boom bap but weaves in a range of instruments and samples to create an intricate instrumental and Oblivious flawlessly delivers his ardent verbals. The final track ‘Heart Held Hostage‘ is deep, and Tali Rodriguez captures the sentiment of this introspective and personal tale with the powerful key-based production. It’s an earnest way to close out what has been a raw and authentic album.

Bangers: 4 of a Kind, Let It Bang, Heart Held Hostage, Laundry Money.

Score: 9 / 10. This is an album that you can feel – from the quality of production to the bars that Oblivious brings to the booth. There is something that is more robust and deep than a mere hip hop album, and you need more than a few spins to let it all sink in. The Knuckle Dragguz camp are incredible with their art – in all its forms – and this project from Oblivious really highlights this. The features are on point, and important, yet it’s still Oblivious who is the star of this show. The range of emotions you go through on this listening experience, emulate the real life day to day, and that makes it a must have album in your rotation.

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