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Magic is definitely the Nas album we have all been waiting for and if this project doesn’t have you hyped then I feel bad for you son. It’s got Nas spitting straight flames over some incredible beats that many Nas fans have been dying for all this time and even though KD 1 & 2 are quality albums, Magic just has a more rugged sound and it seems ‘Hit-Boy’ was the missing link and after a few projects together they find the formula. ‘Speechless’ starts the album of gracefully with a rugged beat that’s definitely the signature sound of ‘Hit-Boy’ and ‘Nas’ is on JOB here, it’s when I first banged the first track I knew something was gonna be different about this project! Not only was it different, it was also the same Nas I’ve missed for nearly 10 years. Doing music for his die hard fans and hip hop heads who have been knowingly asking for this and we got it (take note Eminem).

 ‘Meet Joe Black’ is an astonishing track and i never use that term loosely. From the big synth bass to the hook ‘‘I’m not the one to go wack, f**k around meet Joe Black” ish is just insane and with the old school crunchy snare and ‘Nas’ spitting some real gutter ish it is a big contender for track of the year and its gonna be hard to topple this for real. ‘Ugly’ is a track that might get overlooked due to it not being as rugged with the production but damn when you analyse the lyrics man it’s so powerful and the whole Metaphor being these streets are ugly and ain’t nothing pretty. It’s the kinda track you go back to and find another dope line with every new listen. ’40-16 Building’ jumps right back in to the street shit and don’t get much more New York than a beat with chopped horns but, the ferocious rhymes from ‘Nas’ are what really makes it New York. ‘Hollywood Gangsta’ has a more of a new school sound but that’s not to say it’s a bad thing though as it still has the beat. The samples are hit with FX to give it a wobble with some Chorus and maybe some distortion and Saturation in there too. 

The rhyme scheme ‘Nas’ using on this track is unreal and damn this is the sort of ish that put ‘Nas’ as one of the goats. ‘Wu Is For The Children’ will quench a dry mofos thirst if your a WU fan or a die hard ‘Nas’ fan. Especially in the hook where ‘Nas’ acknowledges that his fans need that old ‘Nas’ ish from time to time “special like my classics, special  like my listeners who have attachments, to my old style and won’t let me pass it’’.  “Wave Gods” isn’t a bad track but the feature could of been a lot better as I think Preemo’s beat deserved more, even though ‘Nas’ does his thing, someone else would of done the beat justice along side him. ‘The Truth’ is the truth and we all ‘Nas’ was dubbed the truth. The last track titled ‘Dedication’ ends the project on a more jazzy chill vibe with a ‘Dilla’ type beat and ‘Nas’ gracefully expresses he has dedicated his life to the game and rightly so, he has! 

Score: 10/10 I’m sure we all agree that this is the Nas album we have all been wishing for. Even though it has one weak feature, i’m not gonna hold that against Nas and i bang every track start to finish with every spin and with every visit i find some new Nas bars that make me go “URGH” with a scewface.

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