Nas - King's Disease II Front Cover

“God’s Son across the belly”, yes ‘Nas’ dropped another album and with a few of his most recent efforts have been hit and miss but ‘Kings Disease 2” doesn’t really miss and with Production again from ‘Hit Boy’ it’s a step in the right direction for ‘Nas’ and it’s a valiant effort. We all know he sometimes has a bad selection when it comes to his production but there’s plenty of good beats on this one and all that’s left is for ‘Nas’ to ride it like a wave and he does just that. Even with such a great effort people will still hit him with heavier criticism than most or even feel unsatisfied but well and truly if you are not feeling this joint ‘Nas’ will never live up to your expectations. There’s a mix bag but it fills like one whole product and it doesn’t get to crossover which is key for me. ‘The Pressure’ starts ish off nicely with a nice beat for Nas to start warming up to.

Nas - King's Disease II Back Cover

‘Death Row East’ has a fast tempo but it bangs with a good bass. Nas tells tails of when East and West was beefing, talks about ‘Suge Knight’ etc and he really does flow hard on this track and he shows why his flow is one of the best in the game even still to this day a flow that is near perfect. ’40 Side’ is one of the pick and mix tracks with ‘Nas’ doing his thing over a trap beat but he still gets busy and he actually gets real on this shit. This is a track for the streets hence the title. ‘EPMD 2’ is the track that divides the masses! The beat’s ok nothing special but it features not only ‘EPMD’ but also ‘Eminem’! Nas just spit a fire 16 but ‘Eminem’ just went overboard but not in a good way. As usual he has to spit a 100 bar verse and go on like he’s still got something to prove with his 10 flows! ‘Nas’ says a lot less but a lot more! ‘Rarely’ is a sick track with a nice simple slick beat with a nice bass and this is Hip Hop right here. ‘Nas’ also flows a little different but it fit’s well. And there’s a switch up on the beat and the later is a throw back digital beat and even switches  up a third time just before the end. Little touches like this make albums.

‘YKTV’ FEAT. Boogie Wid A Hoodie is a sub bass southern style banger with a drop that would make waves in the Atlantic. Now ‘Store Run’ is my type of joint. It’s soulful and reminds me of a GFK track and could easily be on one of his albums and I love the soul and flava. ‘Nobody’ Feat. The one and only ‘Lauren Hill’ and you might say it sounds like Nas wrote it but she’s always had that flare like this and to be honest it’s all about the delivery to and here it shines plus it’s some real ish and Miss Hill and ‘Nas’ get with it on this track and definitely a focus point of the album.‘No Phony Love’ is another flavourful banger with ‘Nas’ getting Jiggy on this one, with the female Vox over the verse it’s fire. ‘Nas is Good’ is one of those tracks you can play anywhere at anytime but it fits that summer barbecue vibe and this track has gone into my personal playlist. ‘NAS’ and ‘Hit-Boy’ have hit the ground running on their second adventure and personally it’s definitely one of his better albums and one of the albums of 2021.

Bangers: The Pressure, Death Row East, Rare, Store Run, Moments, Nobody, No Phony Love, Nas Is Good.

Score: 9/10 Whilst it is one of Nas best album in recent years and definitely one of the best albums of 2021 it falls a bit flat at the end with a few album fillers in the later part and if it was 2 or 3 tracks lighter it could of been a perfect 10.

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