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Mickey Diamond is creating a big time buzz for himself with his hard hitting bars, gruff delivery and quality hip hop. The whole Umbrella Collective have been doing their thing for a while now, building a wave of momentum that hip hop heads are really started to ride, but ‘Gucci Ghost‘ migth just be the project that catapaults them all into the big time or at least the headphones of even the most casual hip hop fan. The Detroit emcee has been putting in WORK, but this project with revered underground producer Big Ghost LTD is the best yet.

There are certain producers who just make emcees sound better – and that’s not a knock on any rhyme spitter, that’s actually more just to say that Big Ghost has an ‘Apollo Brown style’ knack for delivering soundtracks that really fit yet push an emcee and the resulting projects are masterpieces. This is one of those moments where Big Ghost delivers an impeccably produced project, and as such, with mic skills already in command and a book of rhymes that would make any emcee wary, Mickey Diamond launches himself into the top tier with a damn flawless project to add to the already high quality and extensive discography of albums, EP’s and mixtape (you may recall a couple of months ago we hit you all with the ‘Noir’ project with Mark Dark).

But back to the project at hand, and after the short ‘Crimes of Fashion‘ intro to set the tone, Mickey gets straight to bringing the bars over some dark, melancholic production from Big Ghost on ‘The Invisible Man‘ which has a dope use of synth to cut through the brooding drums and gruff vocals. It stays grimey with ‘Vineyards In France‘ as Diamond gets to dropping some knowledge on those involved in the game, and the cut-heavy hook is crazy! ‘Icicles‘ gets a little more vibrant, with some triumphant string production from Ghost cutting through the dusty drums and Mickey getting a little bragadocious and flashy with the bars but it’s still delivered authentically and commands the attention.

Stone Island Shooters‘ has an ominous undertone as Diamond is very deliberate in the flow and Pro Dillinger and Snotty jump on board this joint and take aim at any and all opposition with their verbal warfare. ‘Maurizio’s Ghost‘ is a cinematic moment, as Ghost provides the moody score, iconic cuts on the hook and Mickey gets to really bringing the poignant street poetry with bars that will knock you upside the head and make you recognise. ‘The Answer To A Dream‘ interlude is interesting, powerful and motivating little insight and fits the album perfectly.

Big Ghost delivers some interesting production for ‘Deluxe Flux‘ with some change ups, sudbued keys over melodic drums, while the spit provided speaks to being more than just an emcee and includes some fly talk and big up bars. ‘GG Buckets‘ gets back to that really edgy, grimey vibe with delicate strings to accentuate and Diamond goes in on this track, just flat out spitting before the album concludes with an energetic, rock-infused, hardbody joint ‘Chain Gretzky‘ which is the audio version of that stankface or mean mug and Mickey Diamond leaves us shaking our head (and in our boots).

Bangers: Stone Island Shooters, Chain Gretzky, Maurizio’s Ghost, The Invisible Man.

Score: 10 / 10. This album is so well-crafted and put together from start to finish. There is an unwavering energy that underpins the entire project as both Mickey Diamond and Big Ghost LTD take their moment in the spotlight to really turn the screws on heads. It’s more than just brilliant production and an engaing, gruff delivery though – there are some seriously hardcore, ready for war bars up in here that other emcees will be taking notes of – you can believe that.

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