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Gucci Ghost 2‘, the second installment of the Mickey Diamond x Big Ghost Ltd collabrative series dropped not long after the first, and it continued the epic momentum that the first album created. There was an audible chemistry between the production style og Big Ghost and the flow and delivery of Mickey, that shot the first project into the stratosphere, and after more than a handful of listens to Gucci Ghost 2, we can confirm that the dynamic is once again in full effect and with damaging results. Not a clone of the first album, GG2 takes a slightly different route with both the production and content, creating something of a ‘double disc’ set where each disc brings its own personality – similar to the Wayans brothers (although there are only two projects so far and not half a minivan full).

GG2 kicks off with an obligatory intro to set the scene which is fun, but then it’s strictly business as ‘Paolo’s Ghost‘ brings the flames with production that uses a sythn organ to cut through the grime of Mickey D’s street bars. ‘Vanity Fair‘ is a methodical, purposeful and deliberate joint from the soundscape delivered by Ghost, but also through the delivery of Hus KingPin and Mondo Slade who star alongside Diamond on this track and then it gets turned up a notch with the rock guitar screaming through the dulcid flow on ‘Gucci Godzilla‘ which feels as though this joint could be played at high volume from the tp of the Empire State Building.

Mickey enlists a couple of really hard spitting emcees in Mooch (Da Cloth) and Eddie Kaine for ‘Gold Grill Villains‘ but this isn’t your traditional amped up, high energy posse cut, this is an understated street anthem featuring epic cuts through the hook to reinforce the feeling. ‘Aldo’s Interlude‘ hits heavy with really solid drums and a grimey, concrete cracking undertone that is the perfect platform for Mickey Diamond to deliver his verbal excellence, and ‘Nowhere To Run’ is an ominous tale that is calculated and steady, while Ghost gives this understated wild west vibes with terrific results.

Dapper Dan War Suits‘ is a street anthem and ode to the Harlem fashion icon, with guitar riffs resonating throughout and purposeful narrative provided by Diamond before ‘Blood On The Runway‘ brings the Umbrella Collective into the fray as Josiah The Gift, Substance810, Big Trip, Pro Dillinger, Mvck Nyce and Snotty all join forces to take turns demolishing the menacing instrumental for over 5 minutes in one of the most epic moments of the album. The final track ‘Death By Designer‘ is a triumphant finale, a string laced track that continues the momentum right up until the final moments, rounding out yet another stellar hip hop offering from Mickey Diamond and Big Ghost Ltd.

Bangers: Blood On The Runway, Gold Grill Villains, Nowhere to Run, Aldo’s Interlude, Paolo’s Ghost.

Score: 10 / 10. Yet another flawless victory from Mickey Diamond who had one hell of a run in 2022 and is poised to become one of the games biggest underground stars in 2023. His ability to craft clever tales, deliver high quality bars and pick beats that really resonate, ensures he remains at the top of his game and firmly cemented in the ‘must-cop’ list of artists (alongside most of his Umbrella Collective brethren). You can toss a coin as to which GG project is better, but either way, you’re going to be enjoying some of the best hip hop in recent memory.

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