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This is one of the dopest albums of the year and has been in HEAVY rotation since it dropped, which is why it has taken so long to put together the review. This 20 track opus with some of the best and cross-generational hip hop features, always throws up something new with each listen. So, while I put it in a post along with a host of other dope albums, it dawned on me that this joint NEEDED to have it’s moment in the spotlight with a proper review, and that’s what y’all are getting right now!

The Golden Era‘ is exactly what you expect it might be. Hip hop heads hold a very special place in their heart for that 90’s boom bap hip hop, the period of time in the culture that really exploded and took hip hop to that next level and saw an uncovering of some very talented artists. Now, we are in the midst of a NEW golden era, but this Mic Handz x L’Undercover joint is the ‘essence’…. The production is insane, dusty, soulful and varied, Handz is a super talented emcee and brings a host of clever wordplay, braggadocious bars, poingnant penmanship and delivers with an impassioned yet understated and relatale flow. Then the features….. but more on those shortly.

From the jump, this transports you back to the nineties, but does so in a way that still sounds fresh and not dated. It’s a pointless task trying to go through a 20 track boom bap BEAST like this album in track by track fahion, because you’re just gonna pop it in and press play and honestly that’s the best way to do it. BUT, I do want to put some respect on the features because it’s an incredible lineup – and not just in name either, each of the featured verses are on POINT. They’ve read the brief, they know what Mic Handz has crafted and they want to ensure they deliver for the culture at the highest level. So they do.

Mic Handz Golden Era

Napoleon Da Legend, The Bad Seed, Lil Fame, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Sadat X, Skyzoo, Dro Pesci and many, many more all step up to the mic and drop nothing but heat. Mic Handz is the common thread throughout this album and has certainly ensure the quality of hip hop stays at the highest level, so all these featured artists have sharpened their pen to provide verses that will be spoken about in hip hop circles for the rest of the year.

Bangers: Akktout, Respect, Regulator 2, We Here Now, City To City (but there are NO weak joints on this album)

Score: 10 / 10. This album has been on HEAVY repeat and even when new releases drop each week, I check them out, do my due diligence, but this one gets put back in the headphones each and every week no doubt. It’s a flawless performance from all involved and tranports this hip hop head back into a wonderful moment in time, but with that modern feel.

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  1. Always enjoyed mic handz music I knew him for many years but we are more like family keep up the good work Chris🔥🔥🔥😢

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