Marz One x BK Bonez

It’s fun to get in on the ground floor and follow an artist as they grow and find their voice within the culture. We’ve covered Marz One on a few occasions before, with his Drunken Monks album collab with Edo. G, and some singles, features etc. but now we get to shine some light on this dope little EP with BK Bonez. ‘Prima Donna Shangri-La‘ is a fantastic hip hop journey from start to finish, with dope beats, dope bars and epic album art! The growth in Marz as an emcee and lyricist is clear and BK Bonez has been on our radar for more than a minute with his ability to craft quality, boom bap tracks with a different and unique take.

Hermes Heel‘ launches itself at you from the jump to set the tone for the album. It’s one of the best songs on the release, as the drums capture your attention and Marz ensures your focus doesn’t waver. This joint features Emerg Da MC too and was instantly added to our ‘dope tracks of 2022’ playlist. A slightly darker pivot on ‘Brand of Sacrifice‘ as Marz spits with a vigorous over a really haunting track from BK while ‘God DNA‘ slows it down a little so you can focus on the spit that Marz and Donny G bring. The hook fits so well with the bars, it’s a polished number.

Building pressure like Chinese water torture, ‘Black Water Mist‘ is a dark, captivating track that would be at home on a JMT or AOTP album and while Marz doesn’t spit AT you, he makes you listen with his intricate wordplay. The dusty-atmospheric production of ‘Moonlight Exorcism Behind The Gates of Shangri-La‘ coupled with the hauntingly beautiful hook, is a delight and cleanses the audio palette before ‘Luthor’s Theme‘ hits the headphones with a scattered and savvy drum track while Marz rides shotgun on the track.

Tone Spliff who is EVERYWHERE in 2022 (which is a good thing for hip hop!) joins Marz One and BK Bonez for ‘Recollections‘ a more traditional, dusty boom bap number and it suits the ‘young Shawn Carter’ as he rocks the mic with bravado. The album concludes with ‘No Epitaph‘, as piano-laden, soulful joint to take us out, and this track really showcases everything Marz brings – the lyrics, the flow, the charisma….

Bangers: Black Water Mist, No Epitaph, Hermes Heel, Recollections.

Score: 8.5 / 10. This was a really enjoyable album for a number of reasons. The varied production from BK Bonez kept it interesting musically throughout the whole project, while Marz is able to alter his flow to maintain his audience on the mic. This makes his lyricism and wordplay more accessible and showcases the BARS. Finally, the features are really well placed, not over used and add cohesively to the overall project.

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