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This project finally hits our headphones after a range of delays, and with the West Coast wundergroup commanding the microphone over a well curated project courtesy of Madlib, the results speak (and sound) for themselves. Under the moniker LMD, LMNO, MED and Declaime bring us ‘Flying High’ a silky smooth, authentic hip hop offering with all beats crafted by The Beat Konducta himself. It’s a great full-length debut album with a  variety of sound while staying true to that West Coast vibe and still ensuring the lyrical content is delivered with signature style.

Instantly, we feel the connection between the emcees on the intro as they all chime in with varied bars to get the album started and to establish their presence with the listener. Then we get straight down to business with the title track ‘Flying High’ which is everything we expect from Cali-style hip hop – quality bars, some synth action and a lot of bounce and funk! ‘Advice’ continues this feel-good vibe with a more reflective route as the trio speaks on the current music industry with an authentic realism of message coming complete with emotive-fuelled substance. The bounce is back with ‘Pop Fly’ blending the West-Coast G funk with the East Coast boom bap, dusty style of production while LMD bring those bars with aplomb.

The horns on ‘Kool’ are super-tasty, and the vocal samples make this joint so silky and soulful. The message from the crew – and Pro Dillinger – is that they are fly and “mad lovable”, and they want you all to know! The style switches up with the smokers anthem ‘The Cypher’ which clearly draws upon Indian / Middle Eastern musical vibes to create the thick, atmospheric soundtrack for the crew to dance all over with their dialect. Madlib creates a really funky soundtrack for ‘Super’ which would be equally at home on a 70’s crime / drama score, but the LMD crew really put the effort in on this track to bring bars that entertain.

Steppers’ is a killer track! It’s not just the production which really pops, but it’s the delivery from the trio as they punch out bars and work together which great chemistry and aura, before it’s back to that Blaxploitation vibe on ‘Birthday’ even with its demoralising subject matter of sub-par bornday anniversaries. That synth-fuelled funk is back with ‘High Stakes’, an ode to collecting that cashola in abundance but still keeping it real. The electric energy surges on this track which keeps the head nodding. The album concludes with ‘Duwop’ a big, robust track that embodies everything that is dope about making music and how LMD embody it. It’s a great culmination of what has been a fun, interesting and entertaining listen.

Bangers: The Cypher, Pop Fly, Duwop, Steppers, Kool.

Score: 8.5 / 10. A really fun, funky and interesting listen. The vibe is refreshing and lyrically we know these cats can spit, and the way they work together to maximise the production from Madlib is first class. It’s a really cohesive listen as well, each track ebbs and flows throughout the album, coming together to form a project that you don’t skip any tracks, and you play from start to finish effortlessly. Get this one into the rotation and ride the vibes.

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