John Jigg$ Twin Cannons 2

John Jigg$ is MAKING people listen and take notes as he continues to deliver high quality hip hop on the regular. His latest offering is the sequel to the initial Twins Cannon release, and is a collab with K Sluggah titled ‘Twin Cannons 2′. The twelve track, 30 minute offering is more dope hip hop, clever and witty lyricism over killer beats and with a handful of really high impact features from underground legends like Milano Constantine, Rim, Rockwelz, Maylay Sparks, Nam Nitty and others.

Regardless of who is on the beats or sharing the track with Jigg$, there is a reason he’s got that dollar sign at the end of his name. The dude is MONEY with the flow and the albums first actual song ‘Btw‘ just displays that from the jump, effortlessly flowing over killer production with lines like “Good luck chuck, I’m a hard act to come behind, going after me you gettin ate like the number nine“….

White Wine‘ is a more subdued, sultry tune that showcases his versatility while still crushing it as a wordsmith, while ‘Alpina‘ is an interesting, almost trippy joint with some crazy loops. Next up, Jigg$ dives into some smooth, soulful hip hop on ‘Panties‘ featuring Rockwelz. It’s a tune that’s sophisticated and refined, and will drop lingerie in hotel rooms everywhere. When ‘Red Roof Inn‘ comes on, it’s a complete change of pace and vibe, with some resonating cowbell and salsa-type feel that gets you feeling some kinda way.

The guitar riff rips through the headphones when ‘Black Blues Brothers‘ starts and Milano Constantine chokes the mic with his aggressive and rugged flow. J double also crushes this with a swaggy confidence and it’s one of the best moments on a great album. ‘Too Late‘ floats in with haunting, cerebral production that once again sees Jigg$ crafting poignant tales and ‘Elephant’s Tusk‘ is another stand-still moment, where you just have to appreciate the music and the bars.

Origami‘ is as soulful and relaxing as the practice the track is named after but that acts as the calm before the storm as the final two tracks ‘96 Bad Boys‘ and ‘Muddy Mxnxpxly‘ are hard as a cats head and round out and really diverse, interesting and entertaining listening experience.

Bangers: 96 Bad Boys, Btw, Black Blues Brothers, Muddy Mxnxpxly

Score: 8.5 / 10. This has so many flavours it’s like a musical gumbo. The diversity of sound, while maintaining high quality lyricism, crafty wordplay and authenticity is top notch and it’s a really solid release that you can play again and again. John Jigg$ is making a habit out of making dope music and it’s something all heads should encourage by supporting this (and his other) albums.

Keep supporting the real hip hop, the underground artists and those contributing to the culture!

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