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REVIEW: John Jigg$ – Jigganometry

You should know the name John Jigg$ and if you don’t then you need to do a double-take and go check out some of his music over the past 6 or 7 years, because the New York (Long Island) emcee has plenty of quality music to keep you busy. The beauty of John Jigg$ is that he has such a versatility to his style and flow, that he is equally at home when spitting sincere, introspective and somewhat dark content, as well as vibe-filled, engaging, motivational tunes about hard work and success. And Jigganometry runs this gamut.

Structurally, it’s a nice, neat project that gives us a dozen odd songs, clocks in at almost right on 40 minutes and the features he’s enlisted have balanced out his own rhymes and lyrics. With shorter projects you can feel a little short changed if you don’t get an emcee that really commands your attention, but Jigg$ does as much and therefore it’s really a robust release.

After a handful of spins, I really started to get into the flow of the album. There were some tracks like ‘Smoothies’, ‘It’s Like that’, ‘Self Made’ that just got the head nodding straight away, and others like ‘Front Door’ that took a few spins to really feel the full funk. Another huge positive of this album, is the ability to blend sounds so seamlessly. One minute I’ve got that stank face on and I’m all gritty and Long Island grimey, but at other times, I’ve got that West Coast vibe just chilling and smiling. This is a really good release and one worth devoting a bit of time to.

Bangers: Smoothie, It’s Like That, Self Made, Real Right, Soldier.

Score: 7.5 / 10. It’s a really good album. As mentioned, it flows well as is interesting which bodes well for multiple spins and replayability. Jigg$ is a talented emcee in his own right, but other enlisted features that delivered and weren’t just ‘names’ to pad out the release.

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