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Germain Ave‘ is the latest album from Jay Kinser who has been making waves in the hip hop underground for a while now. His previous album,Eleven‘, was one of the better boom bap, underground albums of 2020 and he has followed up that release with an even better joint this time around.

If you’re tapped in, you’ve probably already seen or heard the epic joints ‘Tunnel Vision‘, ‘Clockwork‘ featuring M-Dot and ‘Savage Lands‘ with Termanology, Heavy and DJ Deadeye but these are just a small sample of the killer hip hop on offer over the 38+ minutes Germain Ave runs for. Jay Kinser has really pushed the envelope and sharpened his pen on this latest release and we are down with it!

The title track serves as an intro for the project and is a killer way to kick things off, with a somewhat introspective tale of the come up and how / why the album is titled as such. This in turn provides the context for what’s to come as JK really starts to delve deeper into his own story and the game, the grind and the work he’s put in to get to this point. Of course, there are also the fun, upbeat, braggadocio-style tracks which are fun and entertaining (as are the skits on this album!!!).

With such a broad scope of content, and with a great ear for beats, Germain Ave is the complete package. It’s well thought through and structured as such, so you can pop this joint on play and just run it up. OR you can circle back to the bangers and already releases singles without losing any of the realness that is exuded throughout the album.

Bangers: Germain Ave (intro), Savage Lands, Voices in my Head, Clockwork, Tunnel Vision.

Score: 9 / 10. It’s really hard to stop playing the album because it’s got everything a hip hop head wants. The boom bap sound is woven throughout, but with enough diversity to hold your ear and interest for the duration. Jay Kinser has really worked hard with this release to continue to expand his content and sharpen that pen, and the listeners are grateful because this is a fantastic album.

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