iNTeLL x DLP Computers Foe The Hood Front Cover

‘ iNTeLL’ the son of ‘U-God’ and the mastermind behind 2nd Generation Wu , a super group of the Sons Of Wu Legends. ‘YDB’ son of ‘ODB’, ‘Sun God’ son of ‘GFK’ and ‘PXWER’ son of ‘Method Man’ are involved. The idea of this super group came about when ‘YDB’ asked ‘iNTeLL’ to appear at a few of his shows, which lead them to meet ‘DLP’ who then suggested making a collaborative EP with both ‘iNTeLL’ and ‘YDB’ and that is when ‘iNTeLL’ thought of getting some of the other Wu sons involved and Even though this is an ‘iNTeLL’ project and a collaborative album with ‘DLP’ and started off as an EP intentionally, it grew into a full LP with features from legends such as ‘Del Tha Funkee Homosapien’, ‘RA The Rugged Man’, ‘Ruste Juxx’, ‘Method Man’ and ‘Ras Kass’. When asked about a theoretical question about the LPs title with ‘DLP’ he responds “What could a young mind in the hood do with a computer? Create art? Start a business? I’m not sure, but if I could give out computers for the hood to find out, I would,”.

iNTeLL x DLP Computers For The Hood Back Cover

If your a fan of the Wu sound and East coast hip hop your gonna love this album. It blends new school with old school so well you wouldn’t even notice and it’s timing is perfect as it has a great vibe to be a sound track to your summer. From the off you know this is gonna be an album with reminiscence of the WU era as well as some new school flava and the mix of flava is what really makes this album special. The intro pops off with a funky vibe and ‘iNTeLL’ flexing his skill and when i was halfway into the album I thought this dude flows a little bit like ‘Locksmith’ and on one of the tracks it was even more noticeable. ‘Horahhh’ features the legendary ‘Del Tha Funkee Homosapien’ and the track fits perfectly with the feature. It’s a mellow track with a sample/melody light  beat with a focus on drums, bass and percussion. ‘Entertainment’ brings a little bit more of a Wu sound in but not fully yet. A piano heavy track with a very Recognisable snare is a nice simple track with ‘Denzil Porter’ laying down the feature on this one. ‘Now I Know’ really changes it up with a great summertime banger which features the one and only ‘Method Man’ who tears it up. This is the  kinda track you used to hear on many albums in the 90s and the early 2000s from the likes of ‘Jurassic 5’, ‘Lostboys’ and many more and this kinda flava is missing in todays hip hop and needs to be implemented much more in my opinion.

‘Bad Apples’ is a skit with a ‘Griselda’ type beat in the background and the skits really run with the theme of the album and that is what makes this project even more interesting. ‘Beastside Staten’ is an absolute banger and really resonates that Wu sound and is one of my favourite tracks of 2021. ‘Motherboards’ is more heat and ‘Micky Factz’ joins the show and this is a hip-hop track in it’s purest form. Sick bars, sick drums and chopped up soul samples. Shit doesn’t get much better. ‘Owl Cry’ amps up the filth with some grimy samples and with two of hip-hops heavy hitters (Ras Kass and Ruste Juxx) this track is raw to the floor. ‘Django Hardware’ features iNTeLL’s wifey ‘Prema777’ who he actually met at one of the shows ‘YDB’ asked ‘iNTeLL’ to appear with him. So, not only did his decision to go along spark the 2nd Generation Wu, it also lead to him meeting his future life partner in the process. ‘Know The Gospel’ really ends the album on a high with not only another sick beat but with the legendary ‘RA The Rugged man’ who of course, tears this ish up.

Bangers: Now I Know, Beastside Staten, Motherboards, The Owl Cry, Know The Gospel

Score: 9/10 this is what hip hop sounds like and vibes like and now a 2nd Generation Wu is a thing, i can’t wait to see this unfold. variety is the spice of life and this album brung the whole spice rack to the table

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