This joint has more bars than even the title would suggest. Brooklyn NY emcee Innocent? drops an epic underground joint with some killer features, that may just be harder than doing 25 years on the Rock. Luckily, rather than doing hard time, we get hard bars and killer lyrics resulting in one of the better boom bap, street rap releases of 2020.

Let me be straight. I LOVE boom bap. That rugged, raw, bully rap, street tales, fight music. It gets me amped, it’s music that just allows me to zone the f*&k out and get mad with it. And it goes well in the gym. Escape 2 Alcatraz 2 is everything I want in an album. The production is hard – you won’t find lo-fi, minimalist, spoken word soundtracks here. Innocent? rhymes his ASS off and when he’s not strangling the mic, he enlists some of the best underground spitters to help sharpen his steel such as Nems, Dro Pesci, Napoleon Da Legend, El Gant and Kool TAJ the Gr8.

There isn’t a weak spot on the album. A couple of the tracks are ‘short’ but feed well into what I class as ‘full length’ tracks making for an extremely well balanced album. Alcatraz Ed creates a dark, grimey underscore for the nefarious tales of Innocent? and others. It is a blend of mafioso style, gun toting, drug sling raps that Griselda and others have made commonplace mixed with that Army of the Pharaohs / Vinnie Paz punch you in the face and break your jaw music. It’s that brutal.

Bangers: Last Stop, The Banga, True Hustling, Word Play

Score: 9 / 10. I love this damn album. It is exactly the kind of hip hop I crave and it’s delivered brilliantly. It is reminiscent of M.O.P, Mobb Deep, Onyx etc with the hard hitting beats and rhymes, and the flow and delivery that makes you permanently engage ‘stank face’. Cop this joint and play this mofo LOUD. It’s $10 well spent.

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By Brutus Maximus

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