Man, you’ve got two big-ass bullies on this joint EP and they come out of the gates swinging. Fans have been salivating for this pairing and after hearing a few singles from the collaborative effort, it was clearly going to be a high energy, balls out release. And that’s exactly what the ‘Gorilla Twins’ have given us. Even the intro / skits have all the energy and attitude of two bully rappers.

‘WOLVES’ is a standout track as Bill and Nems bring Vinnie Paz into the mix for a sure-fire heavyweight track. It’s an absolute banger. ‘HIGHS & LOWS’ is an introspective track that really tugs at the heart strings while also carrying a dope message, delivered in a way that dudes can relate and won’t feel ‘lame’ bumping it in their ride.

This is real street music, that crack the concrete, snap your neck, stomp on your chest kind of hard hitting boom bap and it’s perfectly executed. Bill and Nems give the allure of not giving a f&*k, but when it comes to their music, they most certainly do. Each beat is carefully handpicked to suit, the album builds well and the skits add that comedic element but aren’t out of place.

The only knock on a release like this is the length. We’ve got just under 30 minutes of actual music and it’s quite frankly not enough – especially when you have two killer emcees sharing the mic. An extra couple of joints to showcase the chemistry between these guys and to give fans a bit more to digest would have been perfect…. but that’s the only knock on a great album.

Bangers: Wolves, Highs & Lows, Adios, Nah, Supply & Demand

Score: 8.5 / 10. It’s a great joint and will stay in constant rotation for a while. Gives a great vibe, gets you amped and is something that can just become a bit of a soundtrack to your day. A few more tracks and this would enter the album of the year discussion.

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