I.N.F x P-Ro Short Stories & Tall Tales

If something a little more light-hearted, if not all too dark and real, is your kinda thing, then ‘Short Stories & Tall Tales‘ is going to be squarely pitched over your plate. We’ve covered a number of high quality projects from P-Ro over the past twelve months, but this is our first real insight into I.N.F and you get a warts and all deal with this album. It’s funny, tongue in cheek and quite entertaining, but only works SO well, because the beats and the bars are of a really high level. This isn’t just a comedy album, this is a fun journey into the psyche of two vertically challenged fathers / husbands / friends / rivals.

It could easily be titled ‘Misadventures of Midgets’ as the two emcees interestingly make the mundane and boring, quite entertaining. Let’s face it, we’d all love to be superstars and just spits bars, drink bottles etc but that certainly ain’t the lifestyle for most, however Short Stories & Tall Tales makes that OK. I.N.F and P-Ro both have the creative talent to verbalise ‘life’ in a way that is entertaining, even when living the life, you know it’s nothing close to entertaining for the most part! This is a middle aged males soundtrack to life.

Production wise, there are a number of killer boardsmen getting the job done here. P-Ro himself produces a number of joints, but we are also blessed with beats from CLOAQxDAGGER, Mello Dee, Tali Rodriguez, Buzzkill Beats, Uglyjon and Crack Sizzlack. Most of these guys have blessed the Knuckle Dragguz and others with the dopeness, so you already know the beats are on point. Speaking of the KD crew, G Fam Black is one of the only features on the album which is brilliant for two reasons – he crushes it and always has dope chemistry with P-Ro, we get a full album of I.N.F and P-Ro which allows these cats to really shine and showcase their synergy while carrying out their concept.

Short Stories & Tall Tales‘ is an amusing musical respite from the daily grind. It’s like a musical iteration of the daily conversations I have with my best friends and ‘5 minutes peace’ is most certainly my daily anthem and / or theme song. And it may be the best track on the album, but it’s hard to take away from any of the tracks OR the craftily interwoven interludes and skits that round out this offering.

Bangers: 5 Minutes Peace, Banana Bread, Ordering Out, Vagina Monologues

Score: 9 / 10. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for those who this is aimed and (and written by) it’s a brilliant portrayal of life and love mixed with a host of darker humour, foul mouthedness and immaturity at it’s finest. Just press play and let it ride, because the beats and bars are enjoyable and entertaining, even if you personally don’t relate. This album is like it came right from my very own brain, so I’m digging it on another level!!!

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