Gary Rue - The Burgeoning Nihilist album cover

If underground music is your thing (and it should be that’s why you F with Raw Side) then this kat should be right up your street and he’s the type of artist that Raw Side caters for. Yes, we do our bit for the big artists and we cover nearly every album you need to hear and albums that we listen to as fans at Raw Side! We also take pride on giving artist exposure and a platform that the underground needs. Gary Rue is the epitome of the above paragraph and is what we stand for. This albums has a great line up of features and not just MCs, it has some great producers too. I’m not going to cover every track but going to cover most. Love the intro and even if you don’t know who Tyson Fury is, the words should hit you still!. ‘DOWN’ kicks it off nicely and is a banger with horns and brass blasting over hard drums. ‘For all Mankind’ features some big names and these got my attention when first checking the album! Recognize Ali and Napoleon Da Legend are two of my favourite Spitters so couldn’t wait to hear this track and it slaps. Love the hook on this one. Rue nows how to write. Stealth Mode is a banger for real and featuring the one and only Ruste Juxx. Rue kicks the track off with “came out my momma fighting, came out my momma writing, came out my momma like a f***ing bolt of lightning” love that line!

Gary Rue - Deadbolt

‘War chariots’ is one of my favourite tracks from the album, its fire. Features ill Conscious and Two Feathers, produced by the mighty Sultan Mir and has cuts from DJ TMB! What else could a man ask for! ‘Deadbolt’ is another favourite dart and is produced by one of my favourite producers at this moment ‘Vic Grimes’ and again, has cuts by DJ TMB. ‘Skyline’ bangs. If you like rock then you’ll love  this. Love those live acoustic rock drums. Nice change from digital virtual drums and Rue goes in and has no features on this one and he shines. ‘Life is as is’ is another banger and love the boom bap heavy dusty drums again Rue goes in Dolo. ‘Goodbye’ is a another great track. Its deeper and I love the emotional music! That’s what music is meant for right! The outing track ‘Run 4 Your Life’ is an outstanding track. Featuring Recognize Ali and produced by Sultan Mir and that’s what you call ‘going out with a bang’.

Bangers: DOWN, For all Mankind, Stealth Mode, War Chariots, Deadbolt, goodbye, Run 4 Your Life.

Score: 8/10 this is the kinda thing I love to hear.  Pure underground Hip Hop and real music, untainted and not watered down. If you haven’t heard this album or of Gary Rue make sure you check it all out at his Bandcamp page.

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By Brutus Maximus

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