G Fam Black No Safety

The gruff, rugged voice rips through your headphones like a pit bull on a steak. From the time you press play, you know you are going to have to strap in and get ready for some of that hardcore, bully rap that we love when G Fam gets in the booth and behind a mic. This time, he’s tearing up the tracks produced by Tali Rodriguez and creating a fantastic, heavy duty hip hop album that has you mean muggin’ anyone in your path. ‘No Safety‘ is not for the faint of heart.

The aptly titled ‘Mushroom Cloud‘ kicks things off with a bang, and then G Fam teams up with equally dope and rough emcee SUBSTANCE810 for ‘Cold Summer‘ – a sinister track that pairs killer bars with dope production for a standout joint and eerie ‘outro’. ‘Shell Toes Down‘ was the first joint released from the album and it still hits crisp and clean alongside the other tracks on the album, while ‘Romulus‘ brings more of an orchestral vibe with its Ancient Rome theme and vibe. ‘Karl Marx‘ is a short, sharp (but hard) jab to the jaw with it’s dramatic piano, and it continues to get dark and nasty with ‘Thorazine Shuffle‘ where G Fam Black dives into the depths through the references of drugs & mental instability. The haunting ‘Gums Bloody‘ weaves some clever wordplay into the kevlar-esque fabric of the joint and ‘Knuckle Dragguz’ teammate P-Ro is a welcomed addition to the track.

One of the dopest beats on the album comes courtesy of ‘Pit Fangs‘. It’s varied and a little more ‘upbeat’ with the vibe, but it has this snake charmer deal going on in the background which just highlights the intricacy of the production skills on show from Tali Rodriguez. Grimewav skumking Mo Rukuz grips the mic and squeezes the life out of it on ‘Devilish Degenerates‘ a gruesome, dirty track that is exactly up the (dark) alley for Mo and G Fam Black. ‘No Safety’ finishes with ‘End of the Line‘ but that shouldn’t be the end of the road, because you’ll want to invest in a few mores spins to fully appreciate the hard, grimey yet creative and impressive joint G Fam Black and Tali Rodriguez have dropped on hip hop heads.

Bangers: Shell Toes Down, Devilish Degenerates, Cold Summer, Pit Fangs.

Score: 8.5 / 10. We’ve come to expect great things from G Fam Black and ‘No Safety’ is no exception. He’s a compelling emcee and it’s not just the gruff candour, but the wordplay and verbal pictures that he is able to paint. Tali Rodriguez creates a well-suited yet interesting soundscape for G Fam to demolish and the features are perfectly spaced and placed. Just felt a little short, but I’m being picky here! This bangs and gets me GOING!

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