G Fam Black Blick Tracy

Take a trip down the dark streets of Brockton with Knuckle Dragguz G Fam Black and Mathias of CLOAQxDAGGER as they deliver a dope hip hop album centred around the corrupt detective ‘Blick Tracy‘. The gruff-voiced emcee and the boom bap instrumental making beast work together seamlessly to provide hip hop heads with an enjoyable and entertaining listen from start to finish. It’s a cohesive project, and somewhat unique in the delivery of this concept in audio form – and as always it’s brash, bold and gets the head nodding so hard you’ll need a neck brace.

We kick things off with an ‘Introduction to Blick Tracy‘ which instantly feels like those 1950’s and 60’s soundscapes, complete with a nefarious narrative and back story to what we are about to encounter. ‘Yellow Trenchcoat‘ hits hard straight up, big, booming drums, ad-libs make this somewhat of an opening credits anthem – Mathias got crazy with the levels to this one, before ‘Service Weapon‘ is short, succinct and venemous. Don’t mistake the short track length – this still slaps and is full of debauchery and deranged narrative.

I.N.F features on ‘Interrogations‘ as the two emcees play somewhat of a ‘good cop, bad cop’ over a really dusty head nodder, while ‘Above The Law‘ takes it to another level with a triumphant soundtrack scoring the joint while DJ Decepta rips it apart on the wheels (that Biggie scratch…….). P-Ro and G Fam are dynamic when they work with each other, displaying that palpable chemistry that is delivered with purpose and meaning. P-Ro in particular gets really grimy on this one, matching G Fam with his rugged filth.

After a short ‘Blick Tracy Interlude‘ the crime-laden chronicle continues with ‘Search & Seizure’, a more demure, subdued track that allows G Fam to allow hip hop heads into the mix. This feels like the point in the ‘movie’ where the detective is chilling in his lounge room with a whiskey and a cigar, pondering life and the next moves. ‘Internal Affairs‘ features the talented Tali Rodriguez who plays the role of investigator exploring the details of a case that Blick has been involved in. This is brilliantly delivered, not just because of the content, but Tali and G Fam work together like Em and Dre with their role-playing rhymes.

The penultimate track ‘Greenbacks‘ provides some delightful melody throughout the production and G Fam delivers over it brilliantly, taking a more introspective and subdued delivery and flow. This is a street corner symphony and both G and Mathias really cook on this track before the album concludes with ‘Tommy Gun‘ which features Hanzo Bladez. This track and both emcees ensure that the album goes out with a bang! Hanzo is razor sharp in spitting his verbals, the track is home to some haunting strings and G Fam knocks it out like a hammer to the back of the head.

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