G Fam Black x Chuck Chan

G Fam Black once agian pairs his brutal bars with the devious production of Chuck Chan for their latest collaboration ‘Hallucinations‘, a thirteen track (including intro and interlude) project that is not for the faint of heart! Having already slapped us upside the head with ‘Blunt Force Trauma‘, this latest project continues to build upon the chemistry shared between producer and emcee, but this time welcomes a host of others to share in the cerebral experience. The result is a quality hip hop album, that delves into some of the deeper, darker pockets of the G Fam mental, and intertwines external narratives from some of the underground hip hop scenes heavyweights.

After the intro sets the scene for the mental manipulation we may experience, G Fam kicks things off with ‘City of Champions‘ which is a rugged, dark street narrative with G authoring the listening experience to perfection. ‘Burnt Barrels‘ features Chuck Chan and GeneralBackPain and the production is very subdued and melodic, but still infused with the dark, brooding sound we expect and the bars are on point with this, each verse draws you in and keeps your attention, then ‘Luchadores‘ takes a more traditional boom bap sound, ups the ante a little and lets G Fam and New Villain spit with more urgency and fire, while haunting vocals underpin the audio.

Vengeance‘ gets more grimey and gritty both with the production and with the bars as Killy Shoot kicks this track off with his baritone battle flow and G Fam keeps the foot on the neck and then ‘High Octane‘ explodes into the headphones for it’s short and sharp auditory barrage where G Fam and ethemadassassin just go for broke over a faster paced track that slaps. It’s back to a more traditional G Fam sound on ‘Horse Head‘ as Chuck Chan drops a really interestingly dark soundscape for the mafia-inspired monolgue, before we get another snippet of troubling soundbytes to continue to feed the hallucinations theme.

As soon as ‘Death Comes in Three’s‘ drops, you KNOW it’s going to be something special. The production is omnious, preparing the listener for some seriously hardcore spitting from G Fam Black, P-Ro and Oak Lonetree as they catch more bodies that a John Wick flick. ‘Lead Paint‘ is back in the basement style, dark, brooding bars from Black, and then ‘Don’t Ask‘ switches it up to include a melancholy track which has a somewhat uplifting undertone as Blass 89 spits his truth and G Fam knocks it outta the park. The penultimate track ‘Climate Change‘ is melodic, getting that head slowly nodding along to some purposeful lyrics before the album concludes with ‘Trials and Tribulations‘ featuring Tali Rodriguez and Jae Hussle and it completes the listening experience with potent yet sombre bars from the trio of emcees who each attack the track from a different angle.

Bangers: Death Comes In Threes, City of Champions, Luchadores, High Octane.

Score: 9 / 10. Another top tier offering from G Fam Black who has a great comraderie and cohesiveness with Chuck Chan. This album has more features than most G Fam albums, and especially those from outside the traditional Knuckle Dragguz and usual suspects, but that’s a HUGE positive in this case as it allows Fam to really continue to expand his fan base and deliver his husky, brutal banter to a broader audience while giving his devoted following even more to get excited about. There are no hallucinations here – what you see or hear is what you get. Unadulterated fire and copious amounts of grime and grit.

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