G Fam Black Statute of Limitations

G Fam Black has delivered so many high quality hip hop albums, tracks and verses in 2021, it’s almost impossible to count. With 2022 in sight, G Fam Black is determined to ensure you head into the holidays with some more dope music to keep the head nodding and swagger in full effect. ‘Statute of Limitations‘ is a collaborative project with one of the undergrounds best boom bap producers (and nominee for Producer of the Year in the Raw Side Hip Hop Awards 2021) Bo Faat – who lays the perfect sonic foundation for the grimey, bully rap we love from G Fam.

Sticking with the production for a second, and Statute of Limitations may be Bo Faat’s best and most inspired work, which is no mean feat when he has delivered some sensationally dope and dusty soundtracks and his own producer album as well. But this one just feels like he’s levelled up and taken that next step to mixing it with the best boom bap producers in the game, making a cohesive album while also exploring the different sounds within that pocket to create varied vibes across all tracks.

Leveraging the hardbody sounds of Bo Faat, G Fam Black does what he does best, absolutely slaughtering the studio when recording his brutal bars and displaying that iconic gruff and gravelly flow that gives you goosebumps and has you looking over your shoulder at every turn. Like he let’s everyone know on ‘Back Alley Vengeance‘…. “Bo Faat made the beat, I’ma shine on it” and that’s no cap.

Creatures‘ serves as a fittingly dark intro before we dive into the album in it’s actuality with ‘Fast Money‘ which features a drum kick solid enough to snap your neck as G Fam just gets warmed up. ‘Fear Or Love‘ is in possession of a beat that triggers warning signals with its alarming loop which is fitting because G Fam serves up some debaucherously dark bars, while Ghost of the Machine and Enels come through and surgically slice through their 16 creating an epic posse cut. Bo Faat creates an epic soundscape for ‘Back Alley Vengeance‘ which perfectly infuses a reversing signal into the drum pattern for this shady rhymefest.

The chance of pace comes with ‘Six Gun‘ which features production that is a little more aired out than some of the filth that has been delivered thus far. With an element of ‘high noon’ style, dusty boom bap, it’s a unique and carefully crafted joint that offsets G Fam’s savagery. Knuckle Dragguz fam P-Ro jumps on ‘Stomp Straight Through‘ and blesses us with a velvet glove for G Fam’s iron fist. Bo Faat once again provides an intricate foundation for P-Ro to spit his verse over and the chemistry between the two is tangible. ‘Bad Influence‘ is a somewhat fun yet sinister joint with a slick, jazzy horn sound you just want more of.

As we round into the final four tracks, it’s been a compelling ride already, but it ain’t over. ‘Black Suits, Black Ties‘ is part cocktail party theme music and part haunting post-funeral wake music before Grimewav general Mo Rukuz makes his mark on ‘Three Hours Ride‘. Putting G Fam Black and Mo Rukuz on the same track is as treacherous as the track Bo Faat laces them with, and you need to shower after this lo-fi filth. ‘Filthy Guilty‘ is back to the haunting, horror film soundtrack style joint while the album finishes with ‘151 Rum‘ which is a little more upbeat and refreshing, like a nip after a long day of slaughtering microphones….

Bangers: Back Alley Vengeance, Three Hours Ride, Fear or Love, Stomp Straight Through.

Score: 9.75 / 10. A devastating and dark journey through the back alleys with G Fam Black, Bo Faat and guests. It’s a wicked blend of beats, bars and bully rap, with tracks that could flat out crack the concrete they’re set in. After experiencing so many kick ass joints from G Fam Black throughout the year, it is fitting we get the ultimate album at the conclusion of 2021. This is gonna ride all through the holidays!

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