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Brockton’s most savage emcee G Fam Black is back with his latest album ‘Brockton’s Own‘, so get your ski masks ready, and turn those speakers up to max volume because it’s been a minute since we heard the rugged and raw flow from the Fam. ‘Brockton’s Own‘ is straight up G Fam Black, no filler, no features and he crushes this ten track, 25 minute project like only he can. Dark, edgy lyrics, well chosen production that makes the head nod, but can also withstand the high impact delivery and an entertaining ride from go to woah. This may be a solo project with just G Fam on the mic, but the Knuckle Dragguz have their finger prints all over this one and it has turned out brilliantly. So, let’s get into the track by track so you know what you’re getting yourself in to.

The album kicks off with ‘Shoe City‘ produced by Matias of CLOAQxDAGGER and it’s a great way to ease the listener into the experience with soundbytes repping Brockton’s history before G Fam brings the bars to close out this ‘intro’. P-Ro handles the production on ‘Black Is‘ and it’s a really soulful joint with dope keys dripping with emotion, and G Fam Black gets grimey and introspective to really set this off and create an understated street anthem. ‘Adderall Flow‘ gets the head nodding from the jump and G wastes no time in jumping on the mic and destroying the track with his menacing wordplay and deadly rhyme slinging before the Onaje Jordan produced ‘Gunslinger‘ sees G Fam dropping street corner poetry over some synth-effect laden keys which cut through the grime.

Blood Of Christ‘ is emphatically eerie as Tone Beatz delivers on the strings as G Fam “eats emcees, Hannibal Lecter” then a new, dark energy is brought on ‘Men, Women, & Children‘ which sounds like it could be a computer game score (props to Crack Sizzlack on the production here) but Black keeps that nefarious energy with bars like “Black, don’t fuck it up ‘coz your future bright, but how’m I supposed to pay the bills if I ain’t moving white?”. Genosha general Ghost of the Machine who we know more for his mic skills, is responsible for the energetic yet edgy boom bap track that underpins ‘Survival‘ and it’s a vibe! G Fam dances on this one, not in your traditional ‘float like a butterfly’ way, but in a cruising across the sidewalk in Timbs way.

G Fam calls it like he sees it on ‘Wasted Talent‘ which has a dope warbling effect throughout the track filling the spaces between the hardbody bars, then it’s the Tali Rodriguez produced ‘Poison‘ which has a monstrous sound and big time energy – dark and edgy – but a palpable energy before the project closes out with ‘My Enemies Dead‘ which is as murky and as threatening as the title suggests, but a worthy and fitting finale.

Bangers: Black Is, Survival, Posion, My Enemies Dead.

Score: 9 / 10. G Fam Black is back, and this album is a slightly different yet similar project to previous releases. The sound is more varied, and without any features we are treated to a solo run from G Fam which showcases the emcees ability to carry an entire album with his rough and rugged flow, and listeners don’t always need a repreieve from the dark, verbal barrage he brings! The concept of the project is great and it has been delivered exceptionally well for another high quality hip hop album for our playslists and G Fam Black’s discography.

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