Flu x Phil Gektor - Money

It’s been a while since Flu was rapping on tracks, 6 years in fact, but the emcee has dusted off the mic to deliver the Phil Gektor produced ‘Money‘. Most rececntly, the Melbourne-based Flu has been delivering cleverly crafted beats for artists such as Young Zee, G Fam Black, WateRR and Eto, but he now returns to his first love which is spitting bars and who better to handle the production for the return than long time collaborator Gek. ‘Money‘ is Flu’s first release since the 2017 release ‘Flu Dust‘, and the emcee has continue to grow as an artist, an emcee and a person. The lyrical content on ‘Music‘ is mature, dark, edgy but incredibly polished, and when paired with that dusty, boom bap production from Gek – it’s a match made in hip hop heaven.

The album kicks off with ‘Giant Gutter in Outer Space‘ which is a menacing theme song with dark keys and haunting horns and Flu invites people into his mind with some crafty wordplay and a demure delivery that draws the listener in. ‘Itchy Trigger Finger‘ is equally as edgy with the suspense filled score keeping it mellow and moody, before ‘Tooth & Nail‘ brings it back to that golden era sounding, boom bap hip hop that gets the head nodding and we get some bravado-filled bars with fair warning – Flu can hold hold his own, anywhere, anyhow.

Statler & Waldorf‘ is very deliberate in its delivery, the drums are dusty but have some real snap to them, which balances the smoky, moody flow Flu brings to the mic and the eerie chords that resonate like a horror flick. Read between the lines, Flu is a nightmare for anyone who is in the way of him and his goals. ‘Life Hack‘ is an anthem, not in the traditional uplifting, triumphant way, but in the real life, back to wall, dark but hopeful way, and when the drums kick in, this track goes to another level as Flu spits his truth. The wordplay on ‘Beat The Charge‘ is hectic as Flu dives into his bag for some relatable street tales and displays his clever command of language, while Gek drops one of the hottest instrumentals on the album based around crisp boom bap, and understated layers.

The title track ‘Money‘ blends hip hop with sounds that would be right at home as a computer game score – it’s interesting, fun and Flu is cash with the crafting of his clever quotables. ‘Weird Flex‘ is a brooding number where Flu takes aim at those who feel the need to big up their bizarre and lame ‘accomplishments’, then General Backpain teams up with Flu for ‘Calamity‘, adding his gruff flow to Gek’s gloomy understated, chord driven number before the album finishes with ‘Nosferatu‘ that delivers hypnotising horns as Flu explores the dark side with a duality to his flow.

What a brilliant hip hop album. It’s soundscape bridges that traditional 90’s boom bap, but adds a number of modern intricacies that ensure this sounds anything but dated, while keeping that nostalgic edge. Flu is at his melancholic best, the flow is effortlessly delivered, but don’t underestimate the importance of his dark, conversational tone. His wordplay is clever and well used, you need more than a handful of spins to go back and ensure you’ve appreciated the art completely. If you haven’t caught this album yet, put it on the MUST LISTEN list now, and thank us later.

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