Like a sick bonus track or free sticker in the liner notes, this was a nice little surprise! No promo, no hype, Slug & Murs just casually dropping ‘Felt 4 U’ to make the year in hip hop just a little more awesome than it has been already! 2020 has been a kick to the sack in a number of ways, but it certainly has seen some dope as hell hip hop being recorded, released and consumed! And this joint is another one.

While it’s been more than a minute since we last copped some fire from these two, this release makes up for the time away. If you aren’t aware of Felt, I’ll give you a quick synopsis…. Started about 20 years ago when they dropped their self titled debut which saw Slug and MURS dominate production by The Grouch. Their sophomore release hit a few years later and really upped the ante as Ant took control of the soundtrack. A third instalment saw Aesop Rock on production front to back and NOW, we are back with ‘Felt 4 U’ which reunites Slug & MURS with Ant for another banger.

Now to the album itself. It’s funky, it’s fresh, it really raises the bar after some slightly ‘less superb’ but still solid albums and has those organic hip hop vibes. The fact that it was like running into a celebrity out of the blue while going for ice cream just adds to the allure of the album! The chemistry between Slug & MURS is undeniable and so easy to listen to. They feed off of each other, complement each other and the result is an eargasm for the hip hop listener.

The composition of the album is ON POINT too. Not a single track is a filler, most are that old school 3 – 4 minutes in length so you can really vibe to them, and no skits / into / outro nonsense – just strictly music from beginning to end. 12 tracks, 40 minutes. It’s a delight. The only downside (and it’s not really, I’m just being overly critical!) is that this is music to cruise to. It’s got a real summery flow to it, and it’s far from summer as I write this review!! It has that drink sippin, top back, head nodding soundtrack (especially ‘Find My Way‘ which is TOO funky and makes me feel like Nate Dogg is gonna bust out the chorus!!!)

Bangers: Hologram, Never’s Enough, Crimson Skies, Alexander F’real

Score: 8.5 / 10. Hard to fault really. The production is really enjoyable and the vibe created by these emcees is hypnotic. Add this to your ‘Best Albums of 2020’ list now.

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By Brutus Maximus

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