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Ethemadassassin is synonymous with brilliant hip hop albums, dope features and a high quality pen game. On ‘Handz of Stone‘ he once again puts together a complete offering that sees him selecting brilliant beats – this time from a range of producers including Vanderslice, Stu Bangas, JR Swiftz and others to create this opus. We also get some scorching features from other underground legends like John Jigg$, Xp The Marxman, SUBSTANCE810, Young Hak, Maze Overlay and Seven Da Pantha who add their own brand of high quality hip hop penmanship and flow to provided added fuel to the fire.

E gives us nine new tracks that each take us into a different corner of hip hop with their lyrical content, production and overall vibe. The album builds beautifully and eases into the later rounds after coming out of the blocks looking for blood. ‘Jack Mack‘ was the first single released and that was a take no prisoners kind of joint, to make you wake up and pay attention. We also got ‘Size 12 Pippen’s‘ ahead of the album drop which gave us a more soulful and dusty soundtrack for the streets, while the most recent single (and visuals) is the Stu Bangas produced ‘Radiation‘ featuring Young Hak – which is the final track on the album and rides us off into the sunset with a dope vibe.

The dopest hip hop is that which feels natural and unforced, but manages to really create an impact in your eardrums and ethemadassassin does this every time he steps in the booth. This album experiments with different influences through the production, but cohesively comes together as an album of kick ass beats. Lyrically, you can be lulled into a false sense of security by the dulcet flow that E possesses, and forget that under the silky smooth flow, are lyrics and wordplay that is slicing you up!

Handz of Stone deserves your attention. E is not only spitting some fire, but he’s continually expanding – whether that be his flow, his production choices, the marriage of bars and beats, or who he chooses to collab with. You just keep being entertained by the crafty rhyme slinger which is why everything he drops is a must cop.

Bangers: Jack Mack, Tuxedo Bear, Nightmare Visions, Breath It In

Score: 9.5 / 10. Hip hop in this tier needs to be reflected with a high score and Handz of Stone gets a really solid mark. The differing production was really on point and had enough similarities to keep an overall album feel BUT enough difference to allow the album (and the bars) to breathe and take on their own role. After a handful of listens, I don’t see this one leaving the playlist anytime soon.

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