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REVIEW: Enels – The forgotten 2

Enels - The Forgotten 2 album cover

I just love it when I discover new dope artist whether it be from fellow hip hop heads, blogs, Spotify and other streaming platforms or just the good old fashioned way, and my favourite still, is from featuring on a dope track. This discovery is from me and the homie ‘Brutus’ working with ‘Hanzo Bladez’ on Raw Side (Brutus being Hanzo’s Plug), so naturally we would get to know the Grimewav Gang in due course and ‘Enels’ is apart of Grimewav so it’s only natural we give him some exposure and lime light right now and for the foreseeable future as Raw Side stays on the the real side and Grimewav do too so it’s a perfect relationship. We have an interview coming up with ‘Enels’ where we will find out more about him and at the moment I only know his music and make sure you look out for the interview and also ‘Enels’ music and the rest of Grimewav on Bandcamp. The Forgotten 2 is an absolute banger of a project and from start to finish it’s full of some of the purest hip hop around and production from Enels & Hanzo Bladez plus more and has a good handful of features. It was released just before lock down and being i just discovered Grimewav/Enels and being how good the album Is I thought it truly deserves a review. From the jump I was feeling Enels flow. Reminds me of Y@k ballz blended with the raw flow of J-Hood and i’m a fan of both.

‘The People’ is a sick jump off and with a line like “I’ve been in the studio a week straight, I don’t give a bitch nothing I’m a cheep skate” I knew this was gonna be something I would buss on a regular. Second track ‘40oz’ featuring gang member Hanzo Bladez who lays down both the beat and bars. And Hanzo shows us that Hip Hop can use 808s too as well as trap/crossover and it can sound sick. ‘Redemption’ is a deep banger with wicked strings and some fire bars. ‘Ima monster’ is hard AF and again utilising 808s sounds dope. ‘Donnie DarkFlo’ is my favourite cut on the album, its hard. Nah, tell a lie, ‘Facts’ is my favourite cut, no, wait 40oz is! As you can tell it’s that kinda album where you can’t make up your mind what your favourite cut is. I’ve given you a taste of half the tracks and i’m gonna leave the rest for you to go a listen to yourself, and believe me, it’s worth your time, multiple times.

Bangers: The People, 40 0z, Redemption, Ima Monster, Donnie Darkflo, Facts, Ski Mask Rap, Beware, Apple Seeds, Mastermind.

Score: 9/10 This was a nice surprise for me and what an album and Enels has earned a life long fan and hopefully many more from us covering this Diamond in the rough.

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