Elzhi Zhigeist

What an incredible album. It’s fitting that this joint dropped in the same week we celebrated International Women’s Day because there wouldn’t have been many hip hop heads who even knew of Georgia Anne Muldrow, let alone think she would have the ability to produce a well-rounded, carefully crafted soundtrack for one of the games best lyricists to flow over. But, we’re here to say – she did. ‘Zhigeist‘ is a fantastic album, carried by the surgical pensmanship of Elzhi and brought to life by GAM.

After first listen through, the first thing that really resonates with you as a listener is the chemistry and cohesion between Elzhi and Georgia Anne Muldrow. There is clearly a mutual respect and admiration for each other and their craft, but the manner in which GAM is able to blend so many different genres, sounds and instruments into the production is not only unique, but really refreshing. Elzhi then sets about conveying, through his incredible vocabulary and grasp of language and songwriting, how this music is speaking to and inspiring him. And when two key elements of hip hop are working THIS well together, and creating boundary shifting music together, it’s the listener and culture who truly benefit.

On a day when so many incredible albums dropped (not to mention some flaming singles!), my pen gravitated to telling the story of ‘Zhigeist’ first, not because I think it ‘better’ than anyting else that dropped, but it certainly is divergent, powerful and full of varied hip hop flavour. Peep this little behind the scenes video for additional insight into the project and process!

Elzhi is a lyrical monster and you shoudl never let his impeccable yet understated flow influence your perception of just how insane his pen game is. Zhigeist is no exception as he once again brings a really high level of hip hop poetry to the masses.
To shock the world until your whole entire place flip / Shattered the mirror, cracked the dishes, leave your vase chipped / The human race would think I stepped up off a spaceship / I’d rather astral travel and keep my Louis suitcase zipped” he spits on ‘Every Moment‘ serving as a reminder of his ‘otherworldly’ flow.

There is something inspiring everytime Elzhi picks up the mic, and this album continues that tradition of making him a must cop whenever he drops. Since his debut, he has yet to miss and that’s starting to rival some of the other talented lyricists like Skyzoo for consistency of offering. Zhigeist has a different vibe to his other albums which is another fantastic element to his craft – he never makes the same album twice (unlike say a Benny the Butcher who is also talented and drops fire BUT we tend to see him sit in the same pocket for much of his discog).

Bangers: King Shit (Say Word), Strangeland, Nerfertiti, Already Gone, Amnesia

Score: 9.5 / 10. Yet another incredible offering from the Detroit lyricist who consitently finds ways to improve and perfect his pen and flow. The pairing with GAM works even better than you’d think providing an intricate and exciting production canvas for Elzhi to get down and do his thing. Even after a handful of listens, you hear more and more both through the complexity of the production but also to capture just what El is saying and that means huge replay value.

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