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This joint is not only one of the better hip hop albums of 2021, but it is also one of the most interesting, refreshing offerings we’ve slapped into the headphones of late. It’s funky, it’s boom bap, it’s hard… there are so many different elements that keep this unique and it blends all elements and regional styles of hip hop. At times you can feel a distinct Jurassic 5 kinda vibe, other times it gets a little darker, dustier and that NY street style seeps through the sonic…. It’s got it all.

Jake Palumbo and El Da Sensei have really found a unique yet really authentic pairing with ‘Solving Cases‘. The razor sharp and crystal clear production style of Palumbo sets the table for the enigmatic, captivating and engaging flow that El brings when in the booth. This is something you can both kick back and chill out to OR you can crank that volume up and let the funk and soul rip through your mood and get you up and about.

When the first track ‘Blast Off‘ dropped, we gave that some love on the front page, and it’s great to know that the rest of the album not only lives up to the hype, but exceeds the expectations and keeps the quality red-lining on HIGH. The composition of the album is interesting too – rocking with all the solo joints up front and then building into some feature laden joints once your already hooked. Also, clocking in at 47 minutes and 15 tracks, it’s got that old school make up without once feeling too elongated. That in the modern soundscape is a skill in itself.

‘Solving Cases’ certainly sits in a different pocket to a lot of the modern, underground hip hop of 2021. There is no Griselda influence here, you won’t find those slow, minimalist beats – this is a true celebration of music and hip hop which is in your face, but in a fun and energetic way, no a mean mugging, gangsta grill kinda way. You won’t skip a minute of the action but you will want to go back and play some of the joints again and again before putting this album on repeat as a whole offering.

Bangers: Not The Same, Blast Off, Rule & Rock, Head Buss Special, Graffiti the World.

Score: 9.5 / 10. A joy to make no doubt, and you get that impression throughout this incredibly enjoyable hip hop masterpiece. A great blend of gruff and grimy vocals, funky / soulful / orchestral production which has huge replay value. The features are top tier when you can add the likes of Sadat X, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Wordsworth, Innocent among others, but they are well utilised and still allow the pairing of Jake Palumbo and El Da Sensei to take centre stage. Simply put, this is a must have for the collection.

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