edo. g x drunken monks destiny

This album is a really solid hip hop joint that deserves your attention. We all know Edo. G who has been a stalwart in the hip hop scene for an eternity. This time he pairs up with Drunken Monks (Marz One and Bo Faat) for the album ‘Destiny‘. The release also features some of the illest underground rhyme slingers like Taiyamo Denku, Realistic, Kenneth Masters but also brings Craig G and KRS-One to the mic as well. Talk about heat!

You may have caught the ‘Decisions‘ single back when we previewed it in early December, but now get ready for the full offering or DELUXE offering if you want to bump those Bo Faat beats as instrumentals. This album sits right in the pocket for boom bap heads and has enough variety in both production and on the mic to pique your interest without straying too far from the ‘standard’ formula for East Coast street-style tunes.

Edo. G and Marz One have a really nice chemistry on the mic. In fact, all verses on this joint mesh well and rarely seem out of place or outshine one another. It’s a nice line-up and showcase, but can at times feel a little like a collab and not enough of an Edo. G product. But you can’t front on the bars and presence on the mic – it’s quality.

As a boom bap fan, I dig Bo Faat’s beats and production. They are the ‘classic’ head nodders with dope drums and that ‘kick’ which you don’t get in some of the minimalist, water down ‘coke rap’ genre. While they don’t move the needle in terms of being anything mind-blowingly creative, they set the tone for both new-school and old-school to rhyme effortlessly over and deliver a cohesive product.

Bangers: Must Be Crazy, Blew Thru the Door, Old to Da New, Decisons

Score: 7.5 / 10. A really solid hip hop joint that delivers a lot of the good stuff – beats and bars. The authentic sound endears itself to me as a hip hop purist and when you’ve got great production and quality emcees who are engaged when they rhyme – you have a fantastic overall product.

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