Eddie Kaine x Big Ghost Ltd - Last Exit To Crooklyn

Eddie Kaine is back with a mature, authentic hip hop record in the form of the Big Ghost Ltd produced ‘Last Exit To Crooklyn‘. This is the 6th full length project from the Brooklyn emcee, who has been on the radar of hip hop head for the better part of the last decade, and this joint is a return to the formula that made ‘A Tree Grows In Brooklyn‘ such a successful debut. Big Ghost Ltd mixes things up a bit on the soundtrack, keeping that boom bap undertone, but dispersing a range of soul, jazz and minimalist music throughout the dusty drum tracks. Eddie is right back in the pocket, with introspective bars, relatable rhymes and effortless delivery, making this an enjoyable listen and one with plenty of replay value.

Throughout the twelve track offering, Eddie invites us into his world through his poignant pen game and conversational flow that is natural and engaging. He provides insights into his spiritual side on tracks like ‘Reflections‘ and pushes the musical envelope on ‘All The Above‘ where he dives into his bag and gets to singing! The more soulful / jazz infused tracks like ‘Gylan Kaine‘, ‘Misery‘ and ‘Lanier vs. King‘ really allow Eddie’s bars to permeate the production, almost embedding themselves in your headphones with such a purposeful delivery and depth of content.

But don’t get it twisted, because Kaine can really get after it and deliver some deadly bars! The album kicks off with ‘The Wrong Era‘ where Eddie draws you in while speaking on artists of the past he wants to give props to. ‘Crooktown‘ is another perfectly example of his heavy bar work, as he bounces off Rim going back and forth with venemous lines over a banging boom bap joint and a highlight of the project is the kick ass posse cut ‘Roundtable Meeting‘ with it’s heavy guitar / synth riff reverberating through the headphones and each emcee stepping up to slay that mic!

Somewhere in between the intropsective, social commentary andd the straight up slice your head off bars, sit tracks like ‘Chain Walkers‘ featuring Planet Asia – a horn-infused battle rap style joint. Then you have ‘Cutthroat Drills‘ which is a hardcore bar display and the braggadocious ‘Could Never‘ where Eddie advises the listener of the gap between himself and others on the m-i-c. The versatility of Eddie Kaine andd Big Ghost Ltd is on full display throughout the entire 12-track project, and it’s a complete and cohesive listen.

Overall, the album has something for everyone, and it deserves to get plenty of attention from the hip hop community. The music is top tier and Eddie Kaine’s ability to bring the listener into his world and long on the audio journey is something other artists failt to do. Couple that with the more robust and mature content, and this is music that isn’t a quick bump and dump, but rather has depth and dopeness packaged up perfectly.

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By Brutus Maximus

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