This is Kayslays shortest album but when you have a track that makes the history books by getting 50 features on one track, that is a feat in itself, literally! ‘Rolling 50 Deep’ is 100 percent the POSSE CUT OF THE YEAR bar none and is the talking point of the album. Even though short, it’s still got quality content. Kayslay always drops bombs and definitely caters for the streets and real hip hop and you guessed it ‘Homage’ still follows that pattern, the name and front cover gives it away. The Fact that Kayslay addresses an issue that’s wrong with certain sub genres of Hip Hop right at the start of Rolling 50 deep really resonates and should do for all heads about the culture and the real and knows, that the history of hip hop and the foundation that was laid back in the day is, and, will always be important, People who don’t F with the history, culture, old school or the founding fathers and pioneers, i ain’t got time for. How can you not respect and love what they created! i see some fool comment on a post “i hate Hip Hop and Hip Hop beats” how can anyone who listens to any form of Hip Hop say such a thing?

Straight in Goes Sheek Louch and Styles P and damn do they set the track off well. Then Benny does his thing but when Bun B came in and spit “say, big nuts and an even bigger heart, your a scrub in these streets i play a bigger part” i lost my ISH and then having Rae & Ghost flow in i was wildin out! ISH gets even hyper when AZ and Papoose lay it down. By this point i knew this was history in the making. Ransom Set this on fire “I’m CT Fletcher mixed with a little Mr. T” All my Lifting Gang will get that term and gotta respect CT, guys is a warrior! Nice to hear Bleek again. dude still got a smooth flow. MOP up the Anti (PUN INTENED) I could Easily go through this whole track but that would be a full review in itself so, that will give you a taster of how much of a banger it is and, if you haven’t heard this track yet, WHY THE HELL NOT?! you just crawled out of a cave!

‘It’s About To Go Down’ is one of my fav cuts from this album and i would love to hear Junior Reid on more tracks and whenever he is, the track is always fire and i’ve Been a fan since his features on ‘THE W’. ‘Where Is The Love’ has both Conway and Sheek muder the track and, Sheek is hella underrated and, everything he spits always kills it. ‘Man Down’ is a banging Dirty South track and, i miss this south style and, shows not everything from south is TRAP. ‘Rhyme Or Die’ is a banger and Ortiz, Papoose and Ransom is a lyrical DREAM TEAM. “Hip Hop frontline and doing it for the culture and the culture is a way of life”! Kayslay is a legend and more need to come like him.

‘We Get busy’ is my 2nd fav cut from the album (Rolling 50 OBV 1st). the Beat is HARD and ‘AZ’, ‘Bun B’, ‘Benny’, Papoose, ‘Trae’ and ‘Zone’ murdered this track, buried the beat then got Kayslay to grab a shovel and dig the beat back up and they murdered it some more! ‘Loose Control’ is a really deep tune and a great message about ‘DOMESTIC VIOLENCE’. Bun all you women beaters! The hook is ‘bohemian rhapsody’ style and it really works for the emotional effect. Nice little touch is the song is female only and it really brings this hyper energetic album to a nice slow steady pace just before the last track which is titled ‘Street Life’. It’s a chick track, which is not really my thing. it’s not a bad track and was a good idea to put it last. Defo a Summer jam.

BANGERS: Rolling 50 Deep, It’s About To Go Down, Where is The Love, Man Down, Rhyme Or Die, We Get Busy.

SCORE: 8/10 with a few more tracks it could of easily got a 9 but even with only 9 tracks with 1 intro, i ain’t even mad as it’s still 42 minutes long due to having 50 features on one track and being it will go down in history and is one of the baddest bangers ever it’s all good and, if your looking for lyrics, this is the album.

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By Brutus Maximus

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