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The sophomore release from DJ Deadeye is out now and it contains 20 white hot hip hop / soul joints that you are going to have on spin again, and again. ‘Intervention’ is the second album from DJ Deadeye and he levels up with the banger, enlisting the help of some of hip hop’s great spitters including Termanology, Lil’ Fame of (M.O.P), Ufo Fev, Ruste Juxx, Wais P, Slaine, Estee Nack, Flee Lord, Rim, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Ea$y Money, Reef The Lost Cauze, Reks, Jared Evan, Rigz, SuperSTah Snuk, A.O.T.P. , Shabaam Sahdeeq, Vic Spencer & more! So before you even press play on this joint, you can see the quality of contribution we get from a dope ass compilation such as this.

Beware though, it’s not just the mic that gets laid to rest on this album, DJ Deadeye has also enlisted some incredible producers to help deliver this iconic project to the hip hop community. We’re talking The Arcitype, DC the Midi Alien, Shortfyuz as well as DJ Deadeye himself (and a host of others too!) Overall, the balance and blend of this album is one of the most attractive features for the listener. No beat goes unpunished and no verse is wasted as everyone steps up to the plate and Deadeye produces and crafts an underground hip hop heads dream soundtrack.

(There is also a really dope moment on ‘The Outside’ which features the phrase ‘raw side’ in the hook and it just had me whylin’ out like nothin’ else!!!)

This album has the ability to cross over and allow the casual hip hop fan to experience the work DJ Deadeye has been delivering for decades. With his previous body of work, and with the line up he has curated, we know that the pure hip hop heads are gonna be all over it, but there are some big names that the casuals will recognise, and being that EVERY verse has been crushed this go-round, it might be the album that allows a broader reach so more heads can appreciate the dopeness that is DJ Deadeye.

Bangers: The Outside (you knew it!!!), Parade of Puppets, Livin Lost (Remix), Written Kilos, In The Plans, Lawless Jungle.

Score: 9.5 / 10.Intervention‘ is a perfectly curated and well thought out compilation. From start to finish, you can’t stop nodding the head, and you get some incredible verses from your favourite artists. Even with 20 tracks, the album doesn’t lag or feel overdone, the only exception I have is ‘Go Get It’ which I feel is a touch softer and a little out of place for the rest of the album, otherwise, this is a no skip album with numerous highlights and plenty of replay value. Get it into your headphones ASAP and invite a casual fan to experience DJ Deadeye doing what he does best.

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