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We’ve seen some really dope ‘producer albums’ drop in 2022 already, and while it’s been out for a minute, we need to circle back and show some love to ‘Underground Crown’ the 17 track hip hop masterpiece from Crown of the Grim Reaperz. Clocking in at over an hour, Underground Crown has your headphones FULL of sample heavy, eclectic and hard hitting boom bap beats, with a conglomerate of the illest emcees in the mix to really complete this album and ensure it reaches lofty heights.

Everything that you want in a top tier hip hop album is right here. As discussed, Crown handles the production, beats and the secondment of scratches & cuts to perfection. His ability to carefully craft and curate interesting, intriguing and iconic soundtracks isn’t taken for granted and is only enhanced by the artists who were down to bless the Crown with their hottest sixteens. Da Cloth (Mooch, Rigz, MAV & Rob Gates) drop fire on ‘Fatal Pressure’, Tragedy Khandafi x Ruste Juxx x Son Of Tony spit bars on ‘Illustrious Quills’ while ‘Sidewalk Silhouettes’ features Bub Styles, Dreams, Recognize Ali and Spit Gemz. Adding to THAT top tier list of heavy spitters, we also get verses from ILL Conscious, Jamil Honesty, Jay Royale, Pro Dillinger, Da Buze Bruvas, DV Alias and MANY MANY more. It really is an underground all-star lineup, and one that isn’t to be missed.

Taking it back to the scratches though, and we get a host of different cut-men throughout the album, each bringing their own style and take on the skilled craft. DJ Crypt, DJ Grazzhoppa, DJ Venum, DJ Robert Smith, Chinch 33, DJ TMB all get real busy on making their mark on the album and it certainly stands head and shoulders above other producer albums, or collaboration / compilation joints in terms of wicked wheels!!!

After 70 minutes of kick ass music, there are NO soft spots. Being able to deliver a 17 track album in this musical landscape, that is fresh, interesting, has zero wack tracks and maintains your ear from start to finish and doesn’t let up – is no easy feat. But it’s albums like this that true hip hop heads just love, because it brings the old school back into the new school for a truly guilty listening pleasure.

Bangers: Illustrious Quills, Fatal Pressure, Cutthroats, Sidewalk Sihouettes, Devils Playground, Armed For War.

Score: 10 / 10. Anything less would be an unfair rating. This album from start to finish is some of the best hip hop in recent years and the package of beats, bars and cuts is the finest quality in the game right now. To make such a varied compilation and gumbo of artists still sound so cohesive, fresh and engaging, makes for a killer hip hop album. And this, is the jewel in the (Underground) Crown.

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