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REVIEW | Crotona P x ManZu Beatz – ‘Killer Instinct: The Movie’

Killer Instinct The Movie

If dark, brooding, East Coast boom bap hip hop is your thing, then you have to check out ‘Killer Instinct: The Movie‘ from Crotona P and ManZu Beatz. This album sees Crotona P attack the mic with ferocity over a brilliant selection of basement-level, street bangers.

The intro ‘Kill Victor‘ from ‘Pain & Gain’ sets the tone for the album – this is going to be hardbody hip hop and that reality sets in once ‘Fed Up (Club NY)‘ rips into the headphones with it’s booming drums and killer guitar riff. This joint has such a Mobb Deep feel, it’s quite nostalgic and has the listener fiending for more of the good stuff – if you can turn this track off! M Doc Diego enters the game on ‘Great Things‘ which has a really gritty vibe soaked into the audio fabric. The head never stops nodding as both emcees step up and spit street poetry with their respective sixteens. ‘Concrete Chronicles‘ ups the ante again as this posse cut features Emerg Da Mc and Street da’ villan. The production is far murkier and moody, with an element of eeriness that haunts the headphones, while the bars have a focused energy to keep your attention.

Crotona P has a really dope flow and ‘Serious Shit‘ really allows him to get to riding a more upbeat and higher energy beat which he slays with well-crafted wordplay, before ‘Citys of Sin‘ captivates the listener with an iconic Joker soundbyte from The Dark Knight. Slik Jack and JFliz bring their verbal darts to this joint and the distorted hook is melancholic and enchanting. The use of the Guru sample to kick off ‘Bodega Dwellaz‘ raises the expectations but these are met the second beat hits and bars get spit. It’s almost understated compared to the ferocity of other tracks, but brings a smooth vibe and precision cuts to create a masterpiece.

Snapped‘ is true story-telling from Crotona P as he gets deep, introspective and uses his pen for quality urban poetry over intricate production from ManZu Beatz. Tone Spliff slays the cuts as always and this track is a completely different momentum, but is still a powerful joint. ‘No Hay Segunda Vez‘ had me hitting the translate button to figure out ‘there is no second time’, but the track is thoroughly enjoyable and a great way to breathe new life into the album that has been very in-your-face up until this point. We get a Pain & Gain outro as well to round out what is a fantastic album and one that deserves a lot of ears on it.

Bangers: Bodega Dwellaz, Fed Up (Club NY), Citys of Sin, Concrete Chronicles, Snapped.

Score: 9 / 10. Really enjoyable album that features top tier production that is right in my element. The dark, gritty sounds are balanced out with sharpness of samples and cuts, and every verse is worth your while. The project is cohesive and maintains your attention even after a handful of repeated spins. Get this into your rotation and enjoy some really dope boom bap hip hop.

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