Chino XL x Stu Bangas - God's Carpenter

Two hip hop heavyweights collide on ‘God’s Carpenter‘ as the hard and heavy boom bap production of Stu Bangas, meets the intellectual, vivid and intricate lyricism and flow of Chino XL. This project has been on every hip hop heads radar for months now – with Chino fans waiting an excrutiating ELEVEN YEARS for another project from the lyrical assassin, and with the finished product crushing our speakers and headphones for a minute, it’s time to dive a little deeper and unpack the project through a Raw Side Hip Hop review!

Chino XL calls it like it is on the title track ‘God’s Carpenter‘ – he’s an incredible writing specimen, and his big, verbose bars need the robust underscore of Stu Bangas. The two work together as brilliantly as the logo on the cover art to deliver some hard and heavy hip hop. ‘AMBImonsterous‘ is a menacing track that Stu really crafts to underpin the wacky wordplay Chino spits and then ‘Who Told You‘ is a more sinister sounding score, but Chino’s flow is a little more accessible (to those who don’t dig the heavy, lyric-fuelled bar fest) – even if the track itself is dark and nefarious, but XL is at his best creating pictures with his prose.

It gets a little more upbeat with the guitar riff on ‘Mir8cles Opposite‘ ripping over the boom bap drums and bassline that is almost hypnotic. Chino spits his bravado on this track with bars like “I be giving death a near-Chino experience”. The cuts are sharp and the hook breaks up the flow, and this track really gets the head nodding uncontrollably and Chino mixes up the flow a lot more on this joint than he does on others. Vinnie Paz joins forces for a grimy, bully-rap anthem on ‘Murder Rhyme Kill‘ and the two work off the moody instrumental with their iconic styles – Paz with his purposeful and deliberate delivery and Chino bringing the high energy, non-stop narrative flow. Plus, the cuts and sample on the hook are epic.

Remind You‘ adds another element to the album, as this track definitely pushes the sonic landscape, entering into more melodic territory and introspective, heart felt and emotion poetry, compared to the complex lyrical wordplay we normally receive from Chino. Next up, ‘Don’t Care‘ kicks things off with Ruth (Ozarks) delivering an important warning, as Stu cooks up an almost-metal infused banger which then transitions to a more subtle score for Chino to spit his rapid-fire delivery over, before ‘D.X.P.S.’ slows it down and hits the headphones with some horror movie inspired production that is melancholic and dour.

Chino spits his twisted thoughts on ‘Art Apothecary‘ which sounds like a dark, mystical video game soundtrack with its intricate bells while ‘Sinister’ is a more traditional boom bap track, but don’t let the dusty drums confuse you – this still shales you inner ear and Chino speaks his truth, and takes aim at wack rappers, suggesting God loves them because they are plentiful. ‘Scribbled Sorcery‘ is heavy, as Stu Bangas has created this track to really get deep and dark, penetrating your ear canals, while Chino varies his flow but maintains his ferocity of wordplay and lyrical content. Finally, the album concludes with ‘Night Drive‘, a dark, key driven track that allows Chino to express his crazed, left of centre, creative narrative with feeling and emphasis.

Bangers: Murder Rhyme Kill, God’s Carpenter, Art Apothecary, Mir8cles Opposite.

Score: 9.5 / 10. Fans of Chino XL know exactly what to expect – this was always going to be a super bar-heavy offering and Chino does what he does, crafting incredibly complex and intricate wordplay, and delivering in his unique and iconic way. He rides the Stu Bangas production as only he can, mixing up the cadence and tempo to ensure the listener pays attention to the lyrical brilliance, while still appreciating the hard-hitting, dark, boom bap production that Stu Bangas has perfected. This is going to stay in rotation for a while as we try to capture everything Chino XL and Stu Bangas have afforded us.

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