Cappadonna Stu Bangas 3rd Chamber Grail Bars

Not only does Cappadonna up the ante with the album art on this occassion, but enlisting the help of one of the games best producers right now, is a move that certainly pays dividends for the Wu soldier. ‘3rd Chamber Grail Bars‘ is a really solid project that blesses hip hop heads with killer production and some inspired street poetry from Cappachino. We expected good things having heard ‘Bring It Out‘ and ‘Toss the Blick‘ prior to the album release, but it’s always a great feeling when the whole project delivers and we didn’t just get the cream as singles.

Let’s talk production first – Stu Bangas has blessed Cap with some serious heat for this project. Never one to stray far from the traditional ‘boom bap’ vibe, the range of instruments and various other intricacies and elements that add value to the production are a sonic delight. The way he marries the beat for the bars / delivery shows his ear for the artists, but the cohesiveness of the project overall. There are really triumphant horns, delicate key iterations, thumping drums and you need a neck brace just to enjoy this project without fear of injury. My only issue here, is that two of the DOPEST beats were used as interludes! Someone needs to get ON those!!!

Lyrically, Cappadonna is in a different space. At times he seems a little ‘pedestrian’ or lazy with the bars, but for the most part, he seems rejuvenated and excited and it pays of for the listener. There is a real energy and chemistry between these two which has shown through the music. The features enlisted are perfect as well – straying from the Wu route, and bringing in artists that contrast Cap’s flow more, but still slam over the Bangas beats like a sledgehammer. This isn’t mind-blowing, intellectual lyrical fury, it’s a more balanced batch of content throughout. We don’t get a ‘Milk the Cow’ for instance, but we aren’t left wanting for quality spit.

From start to finish, the album is really enjoyable because it hits the mark musically and both artists seem inspired and to feed off each other. There are some little quirks – maybe an instrument or two too many at times, maybe a few basic bars or weird ad libs that feel forced, but that’s really getting into next-level critiquing! 3rd Grail Chamber bars proves that Cap can still get down with it, and that when given the right audio soundscape, he can bring the noise. Stu continues to demonstrate his ability to feel more than just the beats to craft incredibly top tier hip hop that has replay value.

Bangers: Toss The Blick, Bring It Out, Continuous Threat, No Fake Dreads

Score: 9 / 10. Time will tell how often we come back to this one, but for now, after a handful of plays, there is still a real energy in this album that can be felt. Stu Bangas and Cappadonna are a nice pairing and this album has a dope vibe. Cappadonna has always been able to flow and has a uniquely compelling voice, which Bangas tends to highlight through the instrumentals and beat composition. Make sure you check this one oput, it’s well worth your time.

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