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Buckwild is one of my favourite producers of all time and D.I.T.C. are Gods of Hip Hop. With his extensive Portfolio of bangers, from his in House stuff, such as Big L’s ‘Danger Zone, 8izenuff & Da Graveyard’, most of the production on OC’s album ‘Word…Life’. Buckwild has done some amazing work in Hip Hop, most of the Artifacts album ‘Between A Rock And A Hard Place’, ‘Ninty Ninty Now’ with Celph Titled, ‘Silk Pyramids’ with Meyhem Lauren, and bangers such as, Brand Nubian ‘Alldat’, AZ ‘Ho Happy Jackie’, Kool G Rap ‘Fast Life’, Sadat X ‘Smoking On The Low’, Biggie ‘I Got A Story To Tell’, Black Rob ‘Whoa’ And Big Pun ‘Dream Shatterer’ (original Version, which you can find on Endangered Species), and that’s just scratching the surface!

Buckwild Fully Loaded Back Cover

Fully Loaded is just as the title suggests! It’s rammajammed with sick beats and lyrical goodness. This is one of those albums that makes you bop your head so hard it might break your neck but you still bop with a nasty screw face thinking “damn Buckwild, your a Don”. And the line up of MCs is incredible and we get a mixture of legends and legends in the making.


 Album opens up nicely with Chuck Strangers (first time really hearing him) and it’s a nice chill opener but with lyrical fire. Second track amps it up with Nick Grant on Violent Man and it’s what Buckwild is known for, that soul sample style NY Bangers. Track 3 is just unreal and could be taken straight off Wu-Tang Forever, and of course, features one of the Clan members, Raekwon and Mayhem Lauren! Track 4 is Ease Up with Little Brother (Pooh and Phonte) and I love this track, its chill but full of energy and love how LB lay it down and the hook is fuego. Track 5 is the title track and features new bloods Rome Streetz and Rim Da Villain and it slaps with its mad backing sample which just adds so much atmosphere.

Track 6 is Mad Rich with Madhattan on the mic. Never heard of him but feeling what I hear and with the emotional piano Madhattan makes you feel the track as if it’s poking you in the feels. Track 7 is with another cat I haven’t heard before but like what I hear (Buckwild don’t work with just anyone and especially wack fools) Never Fold with Fly Anakin, sounds like an Upstate NY banger in the style of Rigz and Mooch! Track 8 features Rasheed Chappell (who released a great album back in 2018 titled First Brick) Real N****Z is another real feel track and with the deep Piano and orchestral Strings it’s one that gets your feels going and I love that deep Hip Hop. Track 9, Green Paper With An Eagle features Whispers and Chris Rivers which is super lyrical and after Rivers two let Downs on his albums with that crossover trap mainstream watered down BS I have given up on him as he had so much talent but wanted to try to blow up so went Semi Pop Hop and that ain’t for me but he rips this up, his talent is wasted on crossover trap! The closing track is More Life Featuring Asun Eastwood, and this cat been on my radar recently as he’s got serious talent and he sounds like Cage in his prime, just more gangster.


Bangers: Every track is a banger!!!

Score: 10/10 This is a perfect producer album and it’s one of the best albums out right now. NY Hip Hop will never die or fade out and anyone who says otherwise don’t know What Hip Hop really is or only cares about popularity and social hype. This is a must for any Hip Hop fan.

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  1. U need to check up on the New Renaissance rappers, if u like Fly Anakin (and ones gotta be real retarded not to) you gotta check his crew Mutant Academy (lots of dope MCs and producers), Asun Eastwood is down with Brown Bag Money outta Canada with Daniel Son being the most known rapper of the bunch. Check his Pressure Cooker album w producer Futurewave. DOPENESS!!! Then there’s Rome Streetz, Crimeapple, Al.divino and Estee Nack (Nack is insanely dope), Buze Bruvaz: mature ignorant hip hop duo outta Philly! Then there’s Ralphiie Resse (Wu head that’s better than most Wu members these days). Rasheed Chappell made a great album with producer (and rapper) 38 Spesh. Che Noir is THE dopest female rapper. Forget all about Rapsodi!

    1. If you go back through our content over the past six months, you’ll see plenty on all of these peeps you’ve mentioned!

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