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Breeze Brewin has been around hip hop longer than some of our readers have been alive, but even as an ‘old head’, Breeze has just dropped one of the most incredible hip hop albums of 2021. As is now the unfortunate case, this has been a little overlooked due to a host of kick-ass releases dropping on the same date, but ‘Hindsight’ needs its shine and so does Breeze Brewin who is a sensationally talented lyricist and emcee and still criminally underrated – even with a robust resume.

If you don’t know the Juggaknots or Indelible MC’s, you’re missing out. Most of you surely know one of the very best concept albums of all time – Prince Paul’s ‘Prince Among Thieves’ – but you may not know that Breeze Brewin is Tariq – the centrepiece of the story. When you’ve finished reading this, go and brush up on some hip hop history while playing this album but in the interim, let’s focus on Breeze and his masterful creation ‘Hindsight‘.

Authentic, genuine, mature – these are the words that initially came to mind when I was writing listening notes for this album. It’s such a ‘true’ sound but with modern concepts, top-tier lyricism and the flow that is effortless but powerful – especially when delivering socially conscious, political messaging as he does on ‘Devil’s Advocate‘. In fact, the album itself changes pace, comes at you from different angles and keeps you guessing and engaged but always stays true to that real hip hop – quality beats, interesting music, well-crafted lyrics and mic skills.

My biggest commendation for this joint isn’t even directly about the music, it’s the fact you can feel the magic through the headphones. I swear Breeze was really feelin’ it when he made this joint. I mean how can you push the envelope and stay in the pocket at the same time? The production is varied, featuring board work from production from Marco Polo, Black Milk, DJ Maseo (De La Soul), DJ Spinna, Sebb Bash, and more. It really is an incredible album.

If you haven’t heard Hindsight, you’re missing out on a very special musical journey and an album that is going to be in conversations all year.

Bangers: Gotta Love It, Keep It Up, Devil’s Advocate, King Oxymoron

Score: 9.5 / 10. A holistic product. Relevant and reverent. A very special hip hop record that shows growth, maturity understanding and a deep-seated respect for the culture and craft.

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  1. very great album right here. I kept me in suspense the whole time. Like what’s next? I loved that about this project. It was unpredictable.

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