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You may have caught the first single ‘89‘ from Big Almighty Grams, the three headed monster comprising Big Bob, Raf Almighty and Guy Grams – well now we get the full length project ‘The Bag‘. The album is 14 songs (including intro and outro joints) and provides hip hop heads with 45+ minutes of dope, unapologetic, boom bap hip hop. You get that pure feeling of crafty beats, high quality lyrical content and some killer cuts thrown into the offering as well, creating a wonderfully grimey and cohesive album that deserves all the spins.

The Bag Intro‘ delivers the perfect set up, with a nice, chilled boom bap beat underscoring the narrative from Baltimore spitters Raf and Guy as they ‘introduce’ us to The Bag – Big, Almighty, Grams. The lead single ‘89‘ is up next and is still as grimey as ever and gets the head nodding and energy up, while ‘Determination‘ is a focused and energised effort from the spitters who attack the mic with sharp bars and intense flow. The vibe on ‘Smoke Break Interlude‘ is fitting of such a title, with a more melodic, cruisey audio canvas to appreciate while the emcees get to spitting and DCypha gets his cut on and then it’s more street corner dope rap with ‘Eighth of Raw‘.

The keys help to create a moody, dark track on ‘Freelance‘ and Raf gets extra rugged on these bars while Grams matches the energy and the hook full of cuts resonates. ‘End Part‘ uses triumphant horns, almost as a warning as to the microphone slaughter that ensues, then it’s ‘God Forbid‘ taking control of the headphones and the bar work on this joint is heavy. Raf and Grams go the street soundtrack route on ‘Late Night‘ before the boom bap gets turned up to 11 on ‘4 Angles‘ with dusty drums and a haunting wind instrumental carrying the bars is mesmerising fashion.

More love for the sticky icky, with a West Coast infused joint on ‘Take A Pull‘ serving as somewhat of a smokers anthem – this track could easily find itself remixed with B-Real, Snoop or Method Man in line for a guest spot! Speaking of remixes, the next two joints are ‘Almighty Blues‘ and ‘Almighty Blues (B Side)‘ and I find it really hard to determine which version of the track I like best as both bring a different feeling with the instrumentals. Big Bob makes sure BOTH are worthy of you attention though with varied but vivacious work on the boards. The journey concludes with ‘Brown Bag Outro‘ but the ferocity of the flows don’t drop off as Guy and Raf finish this project as enigmatically as they started it.

Bangers: Eight of Raw, God Forbid, 86, Freelance, Determination.

Score: 9 / 10. Another quality album from the super-talented and cohesive pairing of Raf Almighty and Big Bob, but the addition of Guy Grams really brings a different element to the sound, his flow and lyrical content taking a slightly different path to mic demolition. There is a real chemistry between the bars and the beats, with Big Bob really dialling it back to the golden era and recreating that street soundtrack vibe which suits the pocket Grams and Almighty sit in. A really enjoyable listen with plenty of entertainment value even after half a dozen spins.

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